Zen – An Exercise For Different Thoughts

by ace

This is a way that I use to bring thoughts into the physical world.

There are many of them, and the better you create them (thinking better), the more comfortable it will be to find alternative solutions in the real world when obstacles and obstacles present themselves.

I don’t know exactly why they work, but they do. For the first, take all your money out of your pocket.

Now place it on a table or something across the room. Now find a seat somewhere that still allows you to see your money.

Now look at that money and try to think of ways to put it back in your pocket.

And you cannot get help. List them. Fortunately, everyone found out. If you are not a magician, you need to get up and succeed.

Doing This exercise makes you see what you think in the physical world. And with that, you must understand that the way to get what you want is to get it and bring it back to you.

The funny thing is that you will keep trying to find ways to get your money off the table, even if it doesn’t exist, it is impossible.

But the strangest thing is that you still don’t honestly believe. Use this exercise a lot, and you will get the answer to some difficult questions.

Almost anything is possible until it proves that it is not.

Sometimes, you need to make your thoughts real, visualize them in your mind, and make them real. It’s like, and it wouldn’t be much easier to figure out how to do something if you could see it.

I believe that if you can see something in detail in your mind, it will provide clues on how to make it real.

Think about it, it’s tacky, but it looks right, and it works.

If you keep doing the exercise of different thoughts, you will begin to put the burden of proof on the impossible.

And the more you think ahead, the better you know what to expect, and the more you know what to expect, the better you deal with the obstacle, the obstacle, or the problem.

So don’t just think about reacting to obstacles, but also attacking them too.

This allows you to respond better in the process, 2 for the price of one. These brainstorming actions work, try.


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