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YouTube improves protection of children's privacy

by Ace Damon
YouTube improves protection of children's privacy

YouTube began implementing the changes announced last September that aim to better protect the privacy of children who access the popular video site and also to meet the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States.


At the last minute, CEO Susan Wojcicki gave up on the plan.

Specifically, all creators will now have to designate their content as “made for children” or “not made for children” using the YouTube Studio platform. In addition, data from anyone watching a video designated as made for children will be treated as coming from a child, regardless of the user's age.

According to the FTC, a video is made for children if it is aimed at children, taking into account a variety of factors. These factors include the subject of the video, whether the video has an emphasis on children's characters, themes, toys or games, and more.

Creators know their own content better and must define the designation correctly. YouTube will also use machine learning to help the site identify that content – in this case, creators can update a designation made by the site's systems if they believe it is incorrect.

In the case of data collection, YouTube now treats personal information of anyone who watches children's content on the platform as coming from a child, regardless of the user's age.


Content producers have ten days to adapt their channels

This means that in videos made for children, the site will limit the collection and use of data and, as a result, it will be necessary to restrict or disable some features. For example, personalized ads about that content or features like comments, live chat, notification bell, stories, save to playlist, and more will no longer be displayed.

All changes are intended to bring the site into compliance with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which is the Internet privacy protection law for children known popularly as the COPPA law.

YouTube also recommends that children under the age of 13 use YouTube Kids instead of “normal” YouTube, as it offers a more controlled environment. Parents can learn more about it at https://www.youtube.com/kids/.

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