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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 mobile phone could be released in late October

by ace

According to leaker Ice Universe, through the @Universelce account on Twitter, Xiaomi should restart its Note series of phones by launching a phone called the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 later this month.

Xiaomi launched the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro line in January 2015, and the Mi Note 2 was announced with the first Mi MIX smartphone in October 2016. After the Mi Note 3 was made official in September 2017, Xiaomi has not released any new Mi Note series phones.

Despite the rumor, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun stated in June this year that the company would no longer release smartphones for the Mi Note and Mi Max family, something that may have changed according to the new information.

Despite being a leak from a source that usually hits, no details were revealed about the possible device. Among the expected phones from Xiami, there is one with update screen that can be between 60Hz and 120Hz, as recently pointed out by XDA Developers, which raises the expectation for a note from China.

Xiaomi often varies widely in offering its products, launching smartphones in all segments and reinforcing its positioning as a weight brand. Recently she presented the Redmi Note 8 for a lower price and more performance than the Redmi Note 7 and also the top of the line Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which has a 108MP camera and amazing design.

Know the history of Xiaomi!
From startup to cheap smartphone giant

In addition to demonstrating that it is capable of developing cutting-edge technology without giving up entry segments, it also has different types of products, making a presence in home technology with gadgets that use the concept of internet of things.

Source: Ice universe


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