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WWII bomber collision warns of old aircraft use

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Accident shortly after takeoff killed 7 people and left 7 other wounds; authorities called a 'red alert' for use of old planes in the country

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The crash of a World War II B-17 bomber at an airport in the city of Windsor Locks, which killed 7 people and left 7 others injured on Wednesday morning (2) raised warnings about recreational aircraft use. restored in the state of Connecticut, according to Reuters.

Senator Richard Blumenthau told a news conference that the accident lit a "red warning light" on recreational flights that are flown with planes such as the one crashed on Tuesday.

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The B-17, also called the "Flying Fortress", was produced between 1936 and 1945 and used during dozens of missions in World War II, dropping a total of about 500,000 bombs on various targets in Germany.

75 years of use

The crashed aircraft in the US left the factory in 1944 and, since 1986, was part of the Collings Foundation collection, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving aviation history, and taking part in a tour of other antique items. The entity has 10 other 'vintage' aircraft restored.

On Wednesday, the B-17 would take a scenic flight over the city, but after 10 minutes in the air the pilot warned the tower that it had problems. When it tried to land, it lost ground control and crashed into a maintenance building and fluid tanks used to thaw runways.

Engine failure

A witness told the local Hartford Courant newspaper that moments before the crash the plane was flying too low and the propeller of one of its four engines appeared to be out of service.

The aircraft had 13 people on board, 10 passengers and 3 crew members. The 14th victim of the crash was an employee who was on the ground near where the plane crashed.

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