Workout Routines Basic Level Start

by ace

There are some things that every person must have in life. One is confidence. After all, where can you go, and what can you accomplish without believing in yourself? Another thing is motivation.

Hey, if you’re not motivated, then you may not go far regarding career goals and lifestyle expectations.

If you want to get to a certain level, you have to be determined. And finally, there is the infamous workout routine.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. YUCK! It’s never much of a popular concept, but it’s still crucial to our health and image.

If you currently lack a fitness regimen, then it’s time to take that first step.

There are many aspects to fitness, working out, and staying in shape. One workout routine I would like to address is the muscle-building process. This is such a debatable subject.

I have read countless bodybuilding and weight lifting websites, and often they encourage different routines and practices. One thing I can say about most of them is if you’re looking to bulk up, free weights are preferred over machines.

This is because they force your body to work more. When you resort to a device, it stabilizes the exercise for you.

This way, you only have to lift, press, or curl the weight. Now with a free weight workout routine, it’s different. Let’s say you’re doing the bench press.

This is a beautiful compound exercise that’s ideal for building the chest, triceps, and shoulders.

When you lift the bar, you also have to stabilize it and make sure it stays level. This ensures that both arms are doing equal amounts of work. Furthermore, the free weights are forcing your body to use other muscles as well, while the machines do not.

So what about that great muscle building workout routine? I believe the key is not going overboard.

Far too many weight lifters jump in the game and pack on too many plates.

They may be able to do 165 one time, but they should start smaller. A good workout routine that produces results requires more reps and sets. You should be able to do at least eight reps.

If you’re trying to build mass, then exhaust the muscles with six to eight sets. Also, remember to trade-off exercises. Your muscles will get used to the same old routine. It’s wise to switch it around.


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