Word-of-Mouth: An Effective Advertising

by ace

The most excellent communication power is often simple patience.

Consider that opening a sale is more complicated than closing it.

The most valuable word in your advertising presentations is Persistence.

One of my mentors is James English. He consults with large sales organizations and small.

He’s been self-employed for over 40 years. Invariably, he’s hired to help close team sales.

Jim believes that people have a harder time opening the sales process than closing.

I agree. in your presentation, Sales instructors teach you how to introduce people who have needs that you can meet and who have money to pay for your service.

Jim determines in seconds whether a prospective customer is interested in your services.

“I can ask for your opinion and guidance” The answer is usually affirmative.

He continues with a statement explicitly adapted to the listener and then uses the most valuable word in a previous opening. ” verdict. Let me demonstrate how to use Network Marketing as an example.

“It seems that every successful person in Network Marketing tells me that his team members are reluctant to present the business opportunity to potential recruits.”

Let your listener think about your statement. Usually, they give their opinion on its validity. When they respond (generally with a nod or a comment), continue.

“If I could show you a way to overcome your team’s reluctance to give presentations, consider doing business with me,” pause before considering.

Emphasize the word. Pause after considering. There is no other word that qualifies the listener so quickly.

And their answer is, Yes, I would consider it.

They are not immediately committing to buy your service, but they do allow you to continue.

Although they cannot say that, their mind is thinking, ‘Tell me more. If I like what I hear, I can buy it. No, I would not consider that.

Thank them for their opinion. If they are not open initially, they never will be. Move on. They saved their time, which would have been wasted.

People don’t like to buy. They don’t want to be sold.

Your time to attract their interest is restricted to about seven seconds. At that point, you can ask only one question. Who I could talk to and who can (pause) consider (pause) my services.

Does this open question focus your listener on a specific person? Feedback from many sources, including several professional sales coaches, convinced me to consider the most critical word in any opening presentation.

It is also the keyword when requesting references.



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