Wooden Handicraft: A String Of Hearts

by ace

Everyone loves heart-shaped decorations.

This beautiful wooden craft can be hung over a door or as part of a canvas. Paint the hearts red, pink, and white, and you will have a decoration for Valentine’s Day.

Paint them red and green for Christmas or red, white, and blue to show love for America.

You can leave it every day to have a natural look. The cord of handmade wooden hearts blends well with the country style.

To make the cord of hearts, you will need five wooden cutouts approximately three inches wide, a drill with an eighth-inch drill and a quarter-inch drill, a small amount of raffia, two meters of 1 -1 / 2 inch wide and soft ribbon, two large wooden beads and acrylic paints in the desired colors.

The decoration and beads should match the color scheme you want.

Checkered ribbons are particularly useful. The chain of hearts has five hearts side by side tied with small raffia bows.

The first and last hearts have the wide ribbon tied through a hole on each side and a bead tied to the fabric. The ribbon is tied at the ends, forming a ribbon loop at each end, which can be placed over a nail to hang.

The first step in making wooden crafts is to make a small hole on each side of the heart.

The two outer holes are drilled with the 1/4 inch drill, and the other holes are drilled with the 1/8 inch drill.

Now paint the hearts with acrylic paint in the colors you want. Acrylic paints are small bottles of handmade paint that are sold in 2-ounce bottles in a wide variety of colors. Sometimes, they can be purchased very cheaply.

The tempering paint will work if you are unable to obtain acrylic paints. Another idea is to spray paint them, especially if you want to use a metallic color.

When the paint is dry, tie the hearts with the raffia. To do this, cut four pieces of 10 cm of raffia. Thread the raffia through a hole and pass through the hole in the next heart, so that they are side by side.

The raffia should be tied with a neat bow at the top of the arrangement. Do the same among the rest of the hearts, so that all the little raffia arches are on top. Trim the ends of the raffia if necessary.

Through each of the external holes, pass one of the tapes.

Pull the fabric until the edges are even. Pass the large bead through both ends and slide it close to the heart.

Trim the terms of the decorative ribbon and knot them. Repeat the process on the other side to complete the wooden crafts.

Now hang the string of hearts wherever you want for a cheerful decoration. Wooden crafts like this make a beautiful gift for someone special.


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