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Woman says iPhone feature saved her from attempted sexual assault

by Ace Damon
Woman says iPhone feature saved her from attempted sexual assault

One night turned into a weekend nightmare in Virginia Beach.

One woman who wanted to remain anonymous says a friendly stranger attacked her and attempted to sexually assault her at Oceanfront, but she says the emergency SOS feature on her iPhone helped save her life.

It was early Sunday around 2 am and the woman was about to go to Uber to go home when she said, “This guy came to me and said, 'I lost my phone … you can help me finding my phone? & # 39; "

The simple gesture of help that was the bait.

"I didn't suspect he was bad. He was a very normal and handsome guy," she says.

She says the man lured her back to the boardwalk to find a missing phone and she just wanted to help.

“I was like, 'Where are your friends? Why are you alone? & # 39; He was like, & # 39; I am in the army. I'm not from here, and my brother is in the army – I felt bad for him. "

It was a believable story of someone who didn't look threatening.

He finally tells her that he may have lost in the sand. She let him use the "Find My iPhone" app on her phone, but it wasn't working. She had a terrible feeling when she realized that he didn't know how to navigate the iPhone to use the app.

"I take my phone back and turn around and try to run away and it just appears behind me, catches me, grabs my face, is covering my mouth."

They are fighting in the sand and at one point he says he has a knife.

"I'm trying to scream for help, [he] throws me to the ground – it's like pushing my face to the ground – and now, because I was screaming, he's holding my mouth even tighter trying to drown out any noise I'm making," she say.

In the midst of a fierce attack, she was ready and made a lifeguard call without the attacker knowing.

She used the iPhone's SOS emergency feature. To enable the SOS feature, she held down the power and volume button at the same time. Users can also tap the power button five times. Only works if Emergency SOS is enabled in your phone settings.

Her iPhone automatically dialed the 911 – the dispatch was on the line listening and sent the police to her location.

"He looked up and the police headlights gleamed in the sand. He just took off and ran down the beach. The police ran after him and they managed to take him on a chase on foot."

The nightmare is over.

"I'm very grateful for these cops. I know they have ungrateful work and I can't thank them enough."

She says the police caught the perpetrator and this is all due to the simple security feature on her phone.

"They originally went to the hotels and the dispatch updated them that I was talking about the water – I'm begging him not to drown, I don't want to drown – so they would know they would look in the sand."

Now she just wants to warn others and help them be more prepared.

"All the cards are lined up for me, but I know it doesn't always happen and people aren't so lucky. And if there's anything we can do to be proactive, we should do it."


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