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Wind River

Wind River

by Judy Wilkins

“Travel back in time to the era of gunslingers and saloon girls, of massive migration and settlement.

The Old West comes to life at Wind River, a photogenic backwater town at the end of the 19th century.”

Region Owners: Camila Runo & Jocelyn [zamitio]

Admins: Kieran Sayo [GabrielBarrot] & Catharhina

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Land profile

“1. Only the ground level is public. The upper levels are private! Please don’t tp there, you’ll get kicked by a security orb! Continuous attempts to get there may lead to a region-wide ban!

2. Please don’t disturb people on the upper levels. They are residents, not visitors, and they’re not interested in chatting with strangers.

3. All houses on the ground are open to the public (except for the hotel ;)). Feel free to explore them.

4. Child avis are very welcome here!

5. Clothing matching the era isn’t mandatory but would be nice…”

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Wind River Wind River Wind River Wind River

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