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Will Torrent follow Guardiola, Jorge Jesus or go after his wishes?

by Ace Damon

The Spanish Domènec Torrent, 58, hired by Flamengo, was a data analyst and assistant to Guardiola for 11 years.

Guardiola and Rafinha, who met him at Bayern Munich, highly praised the coach, a scholar and scientific professional. He is also courageous, for working in Brazil in this serious moment of the pandemic. He was a coach only in the Second Division of Spanish Championship and on a team in the USA.

Living with the master is extremely positive, but does not guarantee that he will become a great coach. They are different situations. He will have to define the details. It is not enough to know, it is necessary to know how to do it.

Assistants to great professionals, who want to take their own flights, tend to be indecisive, divided between following the teacher and doing it their way, telling their story.

Torrent will have to face another ghost, that of replacing the hero Jorge Jesus, after great performances and results. Will he follow Guardiola’s or Jorge Jesus’ concepts and strategies or will he pursue his own desires?

Guardiola and Jorge Jesus have similar and different ideas. Both like to press, to have control of the ball and to recover it in the opposing field. On the other hand, Guardiola likes the positional strategy, to define functions, while the Portuguese prefers the movement, the exchange of positions, the organized anarchy.

THE Manchester City is a team that works with two open ends, a center forward, a midfielder and a midfielder on each side, who advance, through the center and the sides. Flamengo, meanwhile, has two forwards, two midfielders on the sides, who have no fixed positions, a midfielder and a midfielder, who plays from one intermediate to the other.

Manchester City is also different from Barcelona, ​​both run by Guardiola. Barcelona liked to keep the ball and exchange short passes, while Manchester City is quicker to reach the goal.

This has to do with the characteristics of the stars. Xavi and Iniesta were builders and had a passion for dominating the ball. De Bruyne, on the other hand, is more dynamic, faster and more complete, for being exceptional in passing, dribbling, finishing, taking fouls, crossing, everything.

It is the stars and their characteristics that define the style of the great teams, with the important guidance of the coaches.

Great teams from Europe, like Manchester City and Barcelona, ​​led by Guardiola, play with a trio in midfield. There are two offensive socks, not just one. The three participate in the marking, not just two.

Decisive matches

This weekend, we will have decisive games from Paulista championship, Mineiro and other states. Palmeiras, in the 2-0 victory over Santo André, played with a trio in midfield. Two of the three advanced, but they have neither the characteristics nor the talent for it. There are three steering wheels.

In Corinthians’ 2-0 victory over Bragantino, Tiago Nunes climbed two half-guards on the sides, Mateus Vital and Ramiro, who entered the center, to organize the plays, and left Luan closer to the chubby Jô, who remains very good.

It may be a good way. There is a hope that Éderson will become a Paulinho, due to his physical strength, for being a discreet guard and for reaching the front to finish. It should not be confused with a midfielder. It is a steering wheel that attacks.

If Corinthians’ hope is Éderson, mine is that Brazil form a De Bruyne, an ace midfielder.


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