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Who's who in the replay of the 1994 World Cup final between Brazil and Italy

by Ace Damon
Who's who in the replay of the 1994 World Cup final between Brazil and Italy

The night of Thursday (9) will have the reunion of those who decided to 1994 World Cup, in the United States. In a friendly of veterans scheduled for 9:30 pm (broadcast Fox Sports and SporTV) in Fortaleza, Brazil and Italy will reissue the duel held more than 25 years.

Several of the athletes who participated in that decision, on July 17 at the Rose Bowl, will be at the Presidente Vargas stadium. Of the 13 Brazilians who took the field in the final, only the ex-defensive midfielder Dunga is not included in the friendly list released by CBF.

Even Romário, who has a history of conflict with the Brazilian confederation, has his presence confirmed. The former striker, who had refused to attend the festivities for Tetra's 25th birthday last year, approached the entity's current president, Rogério Caboclo.

In the game of veterans, with tickets sold for $ 20, the team of Brazil will be directed by Carlos Alberto Parreira, who was the commander of that title. The 1994 champions will still be reinforced by Mauro Galvão, Palhinha and Careca, who did not play the United States Cup.

In the other reserve bank will be Arrigo Sacchi, Italy coach at World Cup played on US territory. He will have much of his old men at his disposal, such as Baresi, Albertini and Massaro. Schilacci, the 1990 World Cup top scorer, will also be on the team.

Already Roberto Baggio, who was the big Italian name in 1994, will not participate in the game. The former striker, who kicked out the World Cup penalty after a 0-0 draw, declined the invitation for "professional commitments".

Check out the names confirmed in the friendly:

Brazilian team

Taffarel, 53

Brazil goalkeeper in the 1990, 1994 and 1998 World Cups, enjoyed his big moment at the United States World Cup, after a season in which he drew attention in Italy's little Reggiana. He played a key role in the win, with important defenses in the final – one of them in the penalty shootout. Today, he prepares goalkeepers for the national team.

Gilmar, 60

Taffarel Reserve in 1994, ended up not taking the field in the United States. He had a robust career defending Internacional, Sao Paulo, Flamengo and Cerezo Osaka before becoming a player entrepreneur. He also worked as coordinator of the Brazilian team between 2014 and 2016.

Cafu 49

Especially remembered as captain of the penta, also served in the tetra, as reserve of Jorginho, entering in three matches. One was the final, in which the starter had a physical problem and left just 21 minutes into the first half. The right back almost participated in the goal of the title, giving pass wasted by Bebeto, without goalkeeper. Then he played three more editions of the Cup.

Jorginho, 55

Brazilian holder in 1990 and 1994, had important participation in the conquest in the United States. The tough 1-0 win over Sweden in the semifinals was set in a precise cross from the right back to Romário. He returned to the squad as Dunga's assistant coach and today works as a coach. In 2019, he directed Coritiba.

Márcio Santos, 50

He did not leave the field for a minute during Brazil's victorious campaign on US territory. He missed his penalty in Italy's penalty shoot-out, stopping at Pagliuca, but the failure did not cost him the title. At the time, he was a defender from Bordeaux. He also defended Fiorentina and Ajax before returning to his country and playing for teams such as Atlético-MG and São Paulo.

Aldair 54

He started the 1994 World Cup in reserve, but replaced the injured Ricardo Rocha still in his debut and did not leave – until the 1998 final. Defender of good technical quality, gained space in Italy, where the demand with the defenders was very high. After appearing in Flamengo and playing for Benfica, he defended Roma from 1990 to 2003.

Ricardo Rocha, 57

He won the position during the 1990 World Cup and came in as a starter to the 1994 World Cup. In his debut, however, in a 2-0 win over Russia, he suffered an injury that took him out of the rest of the competition. He defended several major clubs in his productive career and, after his retirement, served as commentator and director.

Ronaldão, 54

Defender of physical strength, was summoned by Carlos Alberto Parreira and accompanied the 1994 World Bank reserve. By then, he had already performed well in Sao Paulo and moved to Japanese football. Back in Brazil, played for Flamengo, Santos, Coritiba and Ponte Preta before hanging the boots.

White, 55

He had already played for the 1986 and 1990 World Cups, but had a great time in 1994. He took the left wing after Leonardo's suspension and was decisive especially in his sweaty 3-2 win over the Netherlands in the quarterfinals: foul and scored the goal that set the score. He rode a lot in his busy career and became a director. Today, he is the coordinator of the Brazilian national teams.

Mauro Silva, 51

Formed with Dunga a pair of steering wheels that supported the Brazilian midfielder in 1994. At that time, had already changed the Bragantino, club that appeared well, for Deportivo La Coruña, Spain, team that stayed for more than a decade, until the end of his career.

Mazinho 53

Reserve in the first phase of the World Cup, won the position of Raí and started in the four knockout games in the United States. Midfielder on the right, played an important role in the pragmatic team of Carlos Alberto Parreira. After the World Cup, he left Palmeiras and lived productive years in Spain, defending Valencia and Celta.

Zinho, 52

With his spins and low-stakes play, he valued ball possession just as the 1994 commander had requested. A starter throughout the campaign, he played an important role. Graduated in Flamengo, had important passages also by Palmeiras and Grêmio. Retired from the lawns, he acted as manager and technical assistant.

Baby 55

Romário's partner in Brazil's effective 1994 attack, scored three goals in winning the tetra, one of them defining the tough 1-0 triumph over hosts United States in the round of 16. On Wednesdays, while swinging the Netherlands network, celebrated simulating cradling a baby, historical tribute to newborn son son Matheus. It did a lot of career.

Romario 53

Tetra's big name, scored five goals on the way to the cup. The center-forward, who had already been decisive in Brazil's complicated qualification for the World Cup, played a key role in the achievement and marked his name in the national team's history. The following year, he changed Barcelona for Flamengo. He rode a lot, especially in Rio teams, and, in his accounts, reached a thousand career goals.

Paulo Sérgio, 50

Reserve of the great Brazilian attack in 1994, entered the matches against Cameroon and Sweden, still in the first phase, without scoring. After appearing well at Corinthians, he has built a solid career in Europe with good stints at Bayer Leverkusen, Rome and Bayern Munich.

Viola, 51

Already a well-established idol of Corinthians, was summoned by Parreira and debuted at the World Cup in the second half of the extension of the decision. It went well, leading Brazil ahead in their only 15 minutes on the pitch in a World Cup. After a brief spell at Valencia, he returned to Brazil and played in several clubs, scoring many goals for Palmeiras, Santos and Vasco.

Mauro Galvão, 58

Brazil defender in 1990, will strengthen the team of veterans of 1994. Champion of the 1989 Copa America by the national team, had a career of good performances by International, Bangu, Botafogo, Lugano (SUI), Grêmio and Vasco.

Straw, 52

Defended the team in friendlies at the 1993 Copa America and 1994 World Cup qualifiers. He was not called up for the United States World Cup. Another one that ran a lot, the midfielder had more prominence with the shirts of São Paulo and Cruzeiro.

Bald Man 59

Admired for his technical quality, the striker defended Brazil in the 1986 and 1990 World Cups. After having stood out for Guarani and São Paulo, he also scored a time in Italy for Napoli.

Carlos Alberto Parreira, 76

A young fitness coach at the 1970 conquest in Mexico, Parreira was the commander of tetra in 1994 in the United States. His team was criticized for pragmatism, but took Brazil out of the World Cup title line. In his vast career, he still directed the team at the 2006 World Cup and was an assistant in 2014.

Italian team

Mauro Tassotti, 59

Italy's right-back in the 1994 World Cup was not in the decision against Brazil because of an elbow in the Spanish Luis Henrique in the quarterfinals. The move was not seen by the referee despite his opponent's broken nose and bloody shirt, but FIFA have punished him for eight games. He built a long career at Milan where he also served as a technical assistant.

Roberto Mussi, 56

It was Italy's right back in the decision. With an established career with significant spells in Milan, Torino and Parma, he also wore the blue jersey at the 1996 Euro, with elimination in the first round.

Antonio Benarrivo, 51

Able to play on both sides, played on the left side in the confrontation with Brazil in the United States. He went through smaller teams and established himself as an idol of Parma, where he served from 1991 to 2004.

Franco Baresi, 59

Considered one of the greatest defenders of all time, he suffered a knee injury in the second game of the 1994 World Cup and was ruled out of the tournament. Already a 34-year veteran, he underwent meniscus surgery and returned in time to play the 120 minutes of the final, kicking off the penalty shootout. Played all the winning career at Milan.

Alessandro Costacurta, 53

The defender has played in six of Italy's seven games at the United States World Cup. It was just out of the final, suspended for …

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