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White House validates sale of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

by Ace Damon
White House validates sale of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

Yesterday at 22:29, updated today at 01:02

The United States has validated the sale to Ukraine of anti-tank missile launcher Javelin, mentioned in the telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, which led to the US President's impugnation process.

The State Department officially informed Congress of the Trump administration's intention to proceed with the sale of 150 Javelin missiles worth $ 39.2 million (close to 36 million euros), diplomatic sources said.

Donald Trump is facing a congressional impeachment inquiry after being accused of pressuring the Ukrainian President to investigate the Biden family and their business in Ukraine and being accused of abusing presidential power to harm a political opponent. .

The US president denies having taken any inappropriate action with Zelenskiy, saying it is all a "witch hunt" designed to undermine the campaign for his reelection in 2020.

Trump has asked authorities and media to investigate alleged pressure from Joe Biden, when he was vice president of Barack Obama, to wage an inquiry in Ukraine about his son's dealings with a Ukrainian company, and the influences to help him in business in

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