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What the Buzz!

What the Buzz!

by Judy Wilkins

“What the Buzz now resides in Willow Creek National Park and has become an integral part of the park and its survival.

By providing natural habitats for our pollinator friends to safely rest and live, we are doing our part to help save the bees….”

Land Concept: Emm. [heyemm]

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“Welcome to What the Buzz!

What the Buzz is a labor of love and something I am passionate about in real life – bees and bee conservation.

What started as an idea to bring awareness of the dire dwindling bee population to this virtual world and to help educate people about the plight of bees (and other pollinator friends) has taken on a life of its own…”

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What the Buzz! What the Buzz! What the Buzz! What the Buzz!

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