What One Believes, It Becomes

by ace

Mom and Dad say that God won’t like me if I lie, cheat, steal, or don’t brush my teeth.

If I don’t believe the way I am taught, I will burn in hell.

God is strict, but it is because I am unworthy, and he is trying to teach me how to be good.

Even though you have financial difficulties, it is wrong to pray for money. If I have money, I must donate most of it to show how grateful I am.

God disapproves of sex and shakes his head in disgust at me. I don’t think God likes me very much.

He doesn’t show up very often. Anyone who lives with the above beliefs will have tremendous fear in their life.

The whole system is based on judgment, fear, punishment, and not being good enough.

It is structured in conditional love with strings attached to the behavior. It would be difficult to find happiness in this system. The constant pressure of judgment alone would cause discomfort in the body.

These beliefs stifle personal growth, imagination, and creativity.

There is no basis for self-esteem to grow and develop. When reviewing your list and discerning the nature of your current belief system, remember that it represents a choice. If it doesn’t reflect what you want, discard it. Let your imagination go and create a new belief system.

Make a new list of what that belief system would look like. Perhaps it would be like this: An example of an ideal belief system

1. My God lives within me. I am part of God, and God is part of me.

2. God has no gender, but he is the essence of all things.

3. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, no punishment. There is a karmic balance, consistent and founded on unconditional divine love.

4. I have a complete choice in my behaviors without being judged.

5. God is love – unconditional – and that love is the basis of the universe. God loves everything.

6. There is no right or wrong way to believe. All religions lead to the center, which is God.

7. Heaven is not a place where you go; it is an attitude of the divine. Live and experience the sky in the now.

8. God is available to me in all circumstances. I am never without God. God is part of me.

9. I have full responsibility, as a co-creator of God, for all that I AM and everything around me.

10. I am honored and revered in the universe.

11. I am a spirit having experience on earth.

It is one of many adventures in the universe. My soul’s purpose on earth is to experience emotions.

12. I choose my life experience, like an actor choosing a script in a play. I select everything about my living conditions for the divine purpose of developing my soul.

13. All my prayers are answered. My job as a co-creator is to be clear with my intention so that my prayers can manifest.

14. There is plenty for everyone in the universe. If I have a lot in my life, it doesn’t mean that someone else should be without it.

15. I believe in miracles! 16. I am part of an exquisite whole. I am a lifelong relative. I belong.

17. Angels can fly because they take things lightly.

A person with the above belief system will have a completely different outlook on life.

Self-esteem, self-empowerment, choice, unconditional love, honor, balance, and freedom will be reflected throughout that individual’s life.

What is believed, it becomes.


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