What Is the Interest Point of Your Room

by ace

Any room has, or at least it should have and interest point. If there isn’t an architectural one, we’ll have to create it ourselves. But what is an interesting point (or a focal point), Things like a fireplace, a painting or a window with an impressive view can be focal points.

If the focal point doesn’t exist well, have to create it. Hang a painting or a valuable rug on the wall. A wardrobe or some shelves with an attractive design will have the same effect.

Even a television, in particular a special kind of TV, maybe a plasma one can become a focal point. Create a focal point by simply placing a little rug with a furniture piece on top of it.

The focal point can be compared with the verb in a sentence you need it for the room to be complete.

Once decided upon a focal point, the furniture will be arranged in such a way that it will empower it. In other words, when you are sitting in the room, eyes have to look at the focal point naturally and comfortably.

The manner the furniture is placed must encourage conversation. The first step is to place the chairs, keeping a distance of three meters tops between them.

More than that means you won’t be able to hear yourselves unless you raise your voice. Naturally, the chairs or armchairs must be placed facing the focal point.

Each chair should have a little table placed at a comfortable distance. Coffee tables are usually placed at 35-40 cm, and end tables are situated right next to the armchairs.

The most common furniture arrangement is the U shaped one, in which the open space is about to be occupied by the focal point.

Example: focal point on the northern wall, couch on the eastern wall, another couch on the western wall, and two armchairs on the southern wall.

If various reasons keep us from placing the furniture in shape resembling the letter U, we can always put it in L, almost have of the anterior present case, with a few occasional pieces on the free side of the room.


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