What Is Microsoft Office? Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

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Microsoft Office is described as an office suite of various applications, services, and servers, developed by Microsoft. The Office product was first announced in 1988 by Bill Gates at the COMDEX (Computer Dealers Exhibition), held in Las Vegas. The office suite was originally a marketing term for the packaged application suite. The original version of Microsoft Office included Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Over the years, the Microsoft Office application has gradually changed to meet the needs of users better. The changes include shared features such as OLE data integration, spell checker, and also Visual Basic (VB) for scripting applications. Due to the popularity and effectiveness of the MS Office application, the number of users has steadily increased, and Softpedia announced in July 2012 that there are now more than a billion users worldwide.

Microsoft Office versions

The desktop version of MS Office is available for all Windows-based platforms and also for MAC OS X.

Microsoft has also introduced a touch-optimized version, preinstalled on Windows RT tablets to allow mobile users to take advantage of Microsoft services through Office Mobile, which is accessible for free on iOS, Android and, of course, Windows Phone. Office Online is the web-based version, and Microsoft has already stated its plans to create more versions for other known platforms.

The MS Office application is quite easy to use and understand. However, beginners may find it challenging to maneuver through the app, so here are some tips on how to efficiently use the apps.

Microsoft Word

MS Word is a word processor and was initially considered the main Office application program. Currently, there are more than ten versions of MS Word, and more than half are deemed obsolete or irrelevant. The most used versions of MS Word are Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010, and Word 2013. The following are useful tips on how to navigate MS Word and its different versions easily.

Word 2003

This version of MS Word is a perfect tool for creating amazing documents; formatting, page numbering, indexes, and even more options to choose from. This version of MS Word has a few tricks up its sleeve, which can help anyone master the creation of documents. One of the best features of MS Word 2003 is that it automatically saves your work every few minutes. This means that you will still have your document, even if the computer is turned off. You can also save your documents automatically by following these steps:

Go to Tools, Options, and click the Save tab. Make sure the Save automatic recovery checkbox is selected and enter your preferred backup interval within the Minutes box and click OK.

Word 2007

MS Word 2007 is the same as the other versions but has added some features that can help you create better documents with ease. Word 2007 offers editing and formatting of keyboard shortcuts that are already well known to countless Windows users. It also has specific and not-so-common keyboard commands, such as pressing Ctrl + Shift + G to display Word Count.

Word 2010

There are some new changes in Word 2010, but the basic keyboard shortcuts are still the same. The formatting and other shortcut keys are the same as in previous versions. A cheat sheet that we would like to share is to align your texts using Word 2010 to make it a lot easier when you use tabs instead of the space bar.

Word 2013

Word 2013 can have an elaborate ribbon with tabs and other useful icons. However, the complexity is only temporary, as the keyboard shortcuts and basic commands are the same as different versions of MS Word. A good tip when using Word 2013 is to press Shift + Enter to incorporate a smooth return, which can be very practical when you need to break a line of text, such as in an address or a document title.

Microsoft Excel

There are more than ten versions of Microsoft Excel, but the most popular versions are Excel 2007, Excel 2010, and Excel 2013. Some of Excel’s functions apply to various subject areas, while most purposes are general and can be used for all needs. Excel’s functions are the same, regardless of versions such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNTING, INT, and ROUND, to name a few. The order of operations when using Excel starts with parentheses, exponents, multiplication and division, and addition and subtraction.

Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is a slide show program, launched in 1990. There are more than ten versions for MS PowerPoint, and the most used versions are 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013. The commands and functions of different versions are the same. However, users must learn basic formatting shortcuts to ensure that their presentation is excellent.


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