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WEG in partnership with FuelTech will convert combustion engines into engines …

by Ace Damon
WEG em parceria com FuelTech vai converter motores de combustão em motores elétricos

WEG, a Brazilian electric motor manufacturing company, has announced a partnership with FuelTech to convert combustion engines into electric motors. The project aims to offer engines adapted for passenger cars and racing vehicles. FuelTech is a company specializing in high performance equipment, electronic engine controllers, injections and programmable ignition.


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With the partnership, the process of electrical conversion will make the engines of diesel-powered vehicles have their parts replaced and adapted to function as batteries. Instead of organic fuels, cars can be recharged and will not cause damage to the environment through flue gas. According to the companies, several kits with different powers must be sold.

Every part of the assembly of the equipment will take place at FuelTech's specialized mechanical workshops, which total more than one thousand units throughout Brazil. Already the multinational WEG will be in charge of the technical part to convert the combustion engines into electric, The company will produce the inverters of auxiliary systems and Powertrain. The Powertrain is an electric motor used on Volkswagen buses and trucks, for example, and even on small Embraer single-engine aircraft.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as technologies for these vehicles evolve and more charging stations are built and made available along roads and malls, for example. One of the companies that invest heavily in all-electric cars is Tesla, Elon Musk's company. VolksWagem is also investing more and more in this market as it is a niche that can still be well explored as it is interesting for consumers who do not want to pollute the environment with combustion engine cars and want to spend less on fossil fuels. Recently VolksWagem launched its newest car ID.3, the first popular car of the brand to be fully electric.

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