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Watch the video on how Unreal Engine created digital sets for The Mandalorian

by Ace Damon
Watch the video on how Unreal Engine created digital sets for The Mandalorian

Epic Games and the production team for The Mandalorian series entered into an unprecedented partnership that completely changed the way the series used visual effects. During the recording of the first season of the series, the team responsible for visual effects created digital scenarios using the Unreal Engine, a tool that belongs to Epic Games and was used for important games of Epic itself (such as Fortnite and several games in the Gears of War series) and other developers (such as Street Fighter V and Tekken 7).

These digital scenarios completely changed the relationship between the creation of digital effects and the "live action" recording of the series. You may have seen scenes like the one below, of actors recording in front of a green chroma key background. Possibly even heard about how many actors think complicated to act with them, without seeing the scenarios with which they should be interacting.

What happened this time was that the visual effects team created three-dimensional scenarios with models similar to those used in games, and rendered by Nvidia GPUs before recording, reversing the order that normally follows, of recording before and inserting the effects after. These models were projected on a semicircular wall of more than 6 meters, allowing the actors to see the environment with which they had to interact.


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Those responsible for creating the computerized effects were professionals from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), which happens to be the special effects company created by George Lucas especially for the creation of the effects of Star Wars, a franchise of which The Mandalorian is also part.

The team involved in the project said that the new method can be revolutionary for creating special effects for series, since in addition to helping the actors it also allows scenarios to be changed in less than an hour, cuts post-production costs and stays very well "camouflaged" on the screen so that it is not noticeable to those watching. ILM should start offering this new technique commercially soon. For details on how it was used in The Mandalorian see the video below:

Via: Engadget Source: ILM YouTube
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