Walking Your Dog – Learned Rules

by ace

When we walk the dog, no matter the destination on the city streets, in parks or open spaces, it is necessary that he respects the disciplinary rules established previously and learns to avoid problems with other animals or people we encounter.

So, let’s see how our little friend will have to act in some situations:

1. Generally, in crowded places, we will keep you on a leash to keep you under control at all times. Then he will have to know how to walk on a leash, close to the foot, without pulling.

2. The dog cannot jump on people or animals found or attack any of them, as long as it is not contested.

3. The dog must not run after bicycles, motorbikes, cars, or people who are running. Some dogs are known to do this because of their hunting instincts.

4. When we leave the dog free to relax, it is crucial that when he is called, he returns as quickly and as quickly as possible.

5. At a picnic, the dog cannot pass other people’s carpets or eat its food.

6. Wherever our dog is, he will not be able to eat food provided by someone else or food found around.

7. Small dogs are generally more pampered than large dogs, and are more aggressive, antisocial and are afraid of other people or dogs.

The culprits are the owners who usually have fun when they see their dogs acting this way. In this way, dogs begin to bark and even bite the owner.

8. The dog must learn and practice the initial training so that we do not have problems walking him.

9. During the entire walk, the dog should not chew the leash or pull it with its teeth, because it can be tied somewhere alone, and it will chew it until it is free and lost.

10. The dog cannot jump and put its front legs on other people or us, even when playing.

11. Pay attention to drunk people! Often the smell, the walk, and the screams of intoxicated people bother the dog.

The dog must lose its real sense and instincts and, therefore, will not pay attention to any of our advice.

Some drunk people are even aggressive towards dogs. Stay away from them as much as possible.


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