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Visually a-peeling: Reaction split online as duct-taped bananas sell for $120k…

by ace

The art world is known for taking the mundane and turning it into something unique and beautiful, but netizens are struggling to justify the high price tag of $ 120,000 placed on several bananas attached to a wall.

The work & # 39; Comedian & # 39; Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is on display at Art Basel Miami at an exhibition held by the Perrotin contemporary art gallery. According Artnet, two of the three editions have already been sold to two French collectors, and the third now costs $ 150,000, which will be sold to a museum.

“The banana,” explains Cattelan, “should be a banana.” The artist brought a banana with him and hung it on the wall of the hotel room to find inspiration. He also made several variations, including one in resin and then in bronze before settling on natural banana as a centerpiece, according to Galerie Perrotin.

However, he elaborated further on exorbitantly priced products, describing bananas as "a symbol of global trade, a double meaning, as well as a classic device of humor."

Bananas were bought at a Miami grocery store and affixed to the screen wall with a single piece of tape. The artist gave no indication of what collectors should do when bananas begin to decompose.

The online reaction was almost entirely of confusion and shock at the huge price already paid for these bananas.

"This banana duct glued to a wall that JJ sold for 120,000 on @ArtBasel is literally NO WORD for how stupid that is. People are psychopaths. The art world sucks," one proclaimed. critical.

It's not the last, I have 20 bananas with tape ready to go. Offers in response, starting … now.

– Dudu Falcon (@ddfalcao) December 5, 2019

If someone hasn't stuck a thousand bananas on the walls, stalls, storefronts, and streetlights in and around the teatime convention center, the art base deserves to sink into the sea. pic.twitter.com/zbjaoaxy4k

– gregorg (@gregorg) December 4, 2019

For additional meaning, note that Chiquita Banana is an evil corporation.

– magdasawon (@magdasawon) December 4, 2019

Some have referred to Marcel Duchamp's 1917 play "Fountain," a porcelain urinal with the inscription "R.Mutt."

That reference was more pointed than it seems at first glance, as Cattelan stole the headlines earlier when her piece "America", an 18-carat gold toilet, valued at about $ 6 million, was stolen. in the United Kingdom. Five people have been arrested, but the bathroom has not yet been recovered.

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Sitting in a gold mine? Robbers steal £ 1 million toilet from UK palace

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