Virtualy in Love

by ace

In the past, lovers used to send love letters that, despite obstacles and distance, kept the relationship alive.

Thus, the long waiting period, until they could see each other again, seemed bearable.

Today, the internet has become a new messenger for loners, those looking for a relationship or people who wish to communicate with friends or lovers and family members on a quota.

In addition to the words, in a face-to-face meeting, the partner’s exchange gestures, looks, caresses, inviting themselves to continue.

The look in her eyes can encourage you; his smile can show how happy he is to be at your company.

Distance relationships do not offer the advantage of seeing the other person’s gestures and reactions.

You are never fully confident that your message will be appreciated. There are many factors that influence the chances of receiving an answer that meets expectations.

Despite this reality, you should use the least amount of control you have wisely.

When sending this email, you must create an appropriate atmosphere by choosing an attractive subject for your email.

Write something like Just for your eyes or To read when you need me.

You should always state your wishes clearly and be much more advanced online than in real life. Otherwise, the other person may think that you have forgotten everything you had.

Creating a romantic atmosphere over the Internet can be tricky, but if you both want to, it can be done.

All you have to do is help each other. If you are trying to understand the other person’s reaction, just test it.

Send your messages in a personal tone, full of big words, and somehow try to define them in an ideal and romantic world.

Some world you can refer to now likes your world, a world that can appeal to your interlocutor.

If you have an email describing the events in your friend’s life, pay attention to it.

Try to show that you read the email by referring to all the moments described in a different sentence.

Have opinions and give advice.

When corresponding romantically, you must overcome your real experiences.

If in real life you are shy, you are not allowed here. Just relax and create a romantic atmosphere in your room, and the right words will appear.


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