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‘Violation of human dignity’: Football fan faces lifetime ban for groping female…

by Ace Damon

Mexican women's soccer club Tigres UANL threatened to impose a lifetime ban on a fan's stadium that "offended" a player by touching her chest during a post-game selfie with viewers.

The club's representatives also promised to take legal action against the male fan whose behavior "violated human dignity".

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The controversial incident came after a friendly between Mexican champions Tigers UANL and American Houston Dash last Saturday.

Shortly after the game, Houston Dash midfielder Sofia Huerta burst into the crowd to greet fans and take pictures with them.

While she was taking a selfie with the viewers, a man standing behind her seemed to put his left hand on her chest.

The awkward moment was captured on camera, forcing the Mexican club to open an investigation in an attempt to identify the man they think intentionally felt Huerta's breast.

The tigers apologized to Huerta and her family for the "pitiful experience" she suffered.

"Once the so-called supporter has been identified, he will be banned from entering any of our facilities and in women's or men's matches," the club said. said in a statement.

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"At Tigres, we are fully committed to eradicating at our stadium and in our community any form of harassment or situation that violates human dignity or seeks to intimidate, degrade or offend women.

"As a result of the events that took place on Saturday, where a supposed fan violated the Houston Dash player's dignity at the end of the game, we decided to take action on that action. We will be filing. An action against who was responsible for this event."


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