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Victoria vows to plant 5,000 trees as part of UN challenge

by ace

Victoria promises to plant 5,000 trees on public and private land by the end of 2020 as part of the United Nations Cities Trees Challenge.

The city said in a statement that Mayor Lisa Helps participated in the launch of the initiative in New York on Saturday.

He says a United Nations official wrote to Helps this summer and praised the city for its progress in tree planting and invited it to share this achievement with other cities.

Helps says Victoria is the first city in Canada to stick to the promise and employees are already devising ways to reach the goal.

The city's urban forest master plan recommends 26 actions to improve tree management on public and private land over the next 50 years.

The statement said a new $ 1 million per year investment will streamline the plan to maintain existing trees and plant new ones.

"We know there is a climate crisis and we are committed to everything we can as a city to mitigate impacts," says Helps. "Participating in this UN initiative allows Victoria to participate in a global community movement."

Frances Litman of Community Trees Matter Network, a local advocacy group, thanked the city for accepting the challenge.

"Since three quarters of our urban forest is on private land, we will certainly do everything we can to spread the word and encourage homeowners to plant trees."


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