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Victim told details of how former rugby player burned family

by Ace Damon
Victim told details of how former rugby player burned family

In an emotional interview with Australian TV, the parents of Hannah Clarke, Suzanne and Lloyd Clarke, gave details of how Rowan Baxter managed to get close to her daughter. The former rugby player killed his ex-wife and three burned children last Wednesday (19) in the city of Brisbane, Australia. He committed suicide shortly thereafter.

Hannah knew from the moment she parted that her life was at stake. According to Suzanne, she was already thinking about what could happen to the children if she was absent. "What would happen to my children if he kills me? Who would they stay with?", Said the victim's mother, in an interview with one of the most popular Australian TV shows, Current Affair.

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According to Suzanne, the daughter was considering the possibility of writing a will destining the children to be welcomed by their parents. The mother recalls the conversation with her daughter: "I don't want my children to be with his family (Baxter)," Hannah told her mother.

Hannah's country concern began in November 2019, when her daughter decided to part ways with Baxter. The parents and a friend claim that the fitness trainer was an extremely controlling person, and manipulated her emotionally, sexually and financially.

Problems since the beginning of the marriage

According to Suzanne, since they got married, they realized that something was not going well. Baxter tried to isolate Hannah from relatives and friends. "He was always in control, he ruined her relationship with everyone, he even tried to keep her away from us," said the mother.

LLoyd said the daughter was very brave and tried to save her children from fire and their father. She was the one who told, in detail, how it all happened, even with burns on 97% of her body. Hannah couldn't take it and died in the hospital from her injuries.

That tragic day, Baxter was probably monitoring Hannah near the house where she lived with her children and their parents. Still in the morning, around 8 am, she was leaving to take them to school. All the children were in the back seat of the car.

Neighbor tried to put out the flames

The two girls managed to fasten their seat belts, but the younger boy needed help. At this point, when she went to help him, Baxter appeared by surprise and put a knife to his ex-wife's neck. He put her in the driver's seat, sat in the passenger seat and told her to drive.

Still close to the house, two corners later, Hannah spotted neighbor Michael Zemek washing the car and shouted "he threw gas at me". At this point, Baxter struck the match and burned the living children. Hannah got out of the burning car.

Zemek has done what can stop putting the fire out on Hannah's clothes and skin, and due to burns on her hands and face, she is still recovering in the hospital. He tried to get the children out of the car, but he was unable to open the doors. Baxter prevented the rescue.

Dedicated mother

Hannah told the rescuers everything she could. She wanted to make sure that there was no doubt about the crime. "She fought to the end to ensure that, if he survived, he would be punished for the death of his babies. She was very brave," said Hannah's father.

"She loved her children, there was nothing she hadn't done for them. Even in the end, she struggled to save them," said Suzanne.

During the New Year, Hannah posted on social media a message that indicated what relatives and friends told. Hannah was breaking away from a long abusive relationship and wrote "I will never let anyone mistreat me again" and hoped "that her daughters would grow up to be strong women".

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