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Venom 2: X-Men Producer Enters Sequence

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Venom 2 won another member for her team: Hutch Parker, producer of the X-Men franchise, was hired for the project run by Andy Serkis.

Parker is also known for his work on "X-Men: Black Phoenix", Oscar-nominated "Logan" and the "Fantastic Four" reboot.

The feature film will be shot from November 25 this year under the production title 'Fillmore'.

Serkis will lead the project. Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams will reprise their roles as Eddie Brock / Venom and Anne Weying, respectively.

Kelly Marcel also returns to write the screenplay, but this time will be assisted by Hardy – and both are very involved in building the new narrative.

"Tom was very involved in the script with Kelly," Serkis commented in an interview with Gamespot. "So (the whole story) is centered on the versions they wrote."

Despite negative reviews, ‘Venom‘ made a good return at the box office, grossing over $ 845.5 million worldwide, which warranted the idea for a sequel.

Amy Pascal, producer of the feature, made it clear that financial success was thanks to Hardy's commitment.

“Sony has done a great job creating this franchise, getting it off the ground, giving it a life and its own world. And there's Tom. When you think of Venom, you don't think of anyone but Tom Hardy in a lobster tub. ”

In the same interview, the producer also mentioned that it does not rule out the possibility of Tom Holland appearing in a Venom movie, indicating that the studio has "big plans" for both characters.

Om Venom 2 ′ should hit theaters in 2020.

Venom 2: X-Men Producer Enters Sequence


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