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Venezuela trains 40,000 prisoners to defend the country from US invasion

by Ace Damon

JN / Agencies

Yesterday at 9:54 pm

Authorities are training at least 40,000 prisoners to defend Venezuela from an eventual US invasion, the local press said on Sunday citing Venezuelan Minister for Penitentiary Affairs, Iris Varela.

“We have at least 40,000 people from the country’s prisons, who are ready to go to the front lines of the battle to defend the homeland,” he said.

Iris Varela was speaking to journalists on Saturday during a visit to the Western Penitentiary Center (806 kilometers southwest of Caracas), in the Venezuelan state of Táchira, where she delivered orders for the release of 151 prisoners under the government’s Guardian Trust Regime program.

“If the gringos come here, to invade our territory, I will go out with the prisoners in front” he explained to EVTV news.

According to Iris Varela, the prisoners “receive political and homeland training, inside the prison facilities”.

According to the minister, prisoners are taught the history of Venezuela, the values ​​of the Fatherland, social, moral and civic education, discipline, education, culture, sports and recreation “.

When asked if the use of weapons is part of the training, she explained that many are imprisoned “because they can teach how to use a weapon”, stressing, however, that in that case “there are no weapons, the motherland is defended with awareness “.

“Norm and discipline. Getting up at four o’clock in the morning, doing the united order (group walking exercises that encourage discipline and group spirit), raising and paying homage to the flag, asking and giving thanks to God for the daily food “, he stressed.

The minister denied versions of the local press that reported that some prisoners were in need of food and that there was suspicion of cases of coronavirus in the jails.

“No prisoner is going hungry and there was no case of covid-19 in the country’s jails. Since March (beginning of the quarantine) we have been going from jail to jail, talking to the (prison) population, realizing that there is no family visits, “he said.

The minister explained that “there is a protocol for the entry of permitted packages” and that “it would be a tragedy” if someone became infected with coronavirus in a prison facility.

In Venezuela, there are 30 prison establishments attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace.


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