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Venezuela calls for delivery of military "deserters" located in Brazil

by Ace Damon
Venezuela calls for delivery of military "deserters" located in Brazil

The Venezuelan government announced Saturday that it has activated "diplomatic procedures" to request Brazil to hand over five Venezuelan "deserter" soldiers who were detained in Roraima and allegedly involved in the attack on a military base in southern Venezuelan territory.

"They have already begun to activate the diplomatic procedures necessary to request and facilitate the surrender of this group of citizens involved in such serious events," said the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

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"Venezuela looks forward to greater collaboration from the authorities of Brazil as a result of the cooperation that must prevail between states in the fight against terrorism and threats to social peace," the document said.

The Brazilian Army detained five Venezuelan military personnel last Thursday in an indigenous reserve in Brazilian territory and led them to an interrogation to establish the reasons for their presence in the country.

The statement issued by the ministries of defense and foreign affairs indicates that the military was unarmed, it does not say whether they were detained.

Venezuela said on Saturday these fighters were "defectors" of the Armed Forces and were responsible for the December 22 attack on a military facility in Gran Sabana, which ended in the death of an officer and the theft of 120 rifles and nine grenade launchers. .

President Nicolás Maduro's government has accused the governments of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil of "using" the military who have abandoned the Venezuelan Armed Forces and seek refuge in those countries to "sow violence, destruction and death in Venezuela."

The Brazilian government denied "any participation in the episode" and stressed that "the Brazilian Army intensified patrolling in the border region." EFE

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