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Use of masks and injuries in running: how is the return of exercises in the air …

by Ace Damon

After almost four months closed, the parks reopened in São Paulo this Monday (13), although with more restricted hours and adoption of protection measures.

Other cities had already made the operation of these areas more flexible, such as Florianópolis, which closed on weekends after an increase in cases, or allowed exercise on the street, as in Rio.

At São Paulo capital, the reopening it is an invitation for those who cannot wait to leave the house and practice an outdoor activity. The moment, however, is of extreme precaution, not only due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has not yet reached its peak in Brazil, but also to avoid injuries.

“At this moment, the most important thing is to maintain your physical condition and try to make progressive improvements”, explains sports medicine specialist Renata Castro. “Intense training can reduce immunity. Therefore, whoever was stopped during all these months of isolation should start low intensity training and progress gradually. ”

With suspended street racing and that target test without a scheduled date, there is time for this progression to be made without haste. It is also important not to try to get back on the first exit to the level practiced in pre-isolation, which is an invitation to injuries.

The practice of running should also be linked to muscle strengthening. At academies rehearse a reopening, but not all are working. There are, however, exercises you can do from home, like own body weight or with household items, like water bottles.

Furthermore, and especially at this time, it is important to know your own limits, says Castro. “Each individual’s individuality must be respected. For this reason, I consider it prudent, whenever possible, to search for a professional who can individualize your training. ”

Another frequent issue in the practice of outdoor exercises in the midst of the pandemic is the use of masks. At the same time that they generate a barrier for the coronavirus, these devices make the passage of air a little difficult.

But, after all, are there risks of exercising with a mask? “Many people commented that the use of the mask could facilitate the rebreathing of carbon dioxide,” says the doctor. “The space left over between our face and the mask is insufficient to accumulate large quantities. In addition, the exhaled air is not 100% formed by this gas. ”

Thus, there is no danger of toxic rebreathing with the use of protection.

It is not any equipment, however, suitable for use during the race. The N-95 mask, for example, greatly prevents the passage of air and should not be used to practice physical activity.

The surgical ones, according to a study in the journal Clinical Research in Cardiology that evaluated the response of 12 men during the cardiopulmonary test, had a relevant limitation in activities with very intense effort intensity – and that should be avoided in this post-isolation resumption.

The adoption of masks during the race can be difficult, after all, every new habit is. The fact is that they are mandatory and should not be replaced by acrylic protection. There are a few ways, however, to try to relieve discomfort.

“Choose a mask that allows air to pass through, that does not prevent you from breathing at rest and adapts well to your face, without leaving any slack, but also without being very uncomfortable”, advises Castro.

It is wise to test at home before running out. “Make sure you’re comfortable. If you are not comfortable at rest, it is not the ideal mask for you to exercise. ”

At the Live at Casa da Folha on physical exercises, physical educator Diego Zanotto also recommended the adoption of equipment that is structured, so as not to accompany the movement of breathing, making the passage of air even more difficult.

Finally, it is also important that the mask does not get wet, which reduces its effectiveness. To avoid this, it is recommended to take extra equipment.


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