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US warns in Berlin of threats from Russia and China

by Ace Damon
US warns in Berlin of threats from Russia and China

The US Secretary of State warned in Berlin against Russia that it "invades its neighbors and kills its political opponents," and China, which has a "new vision of authoritarianism."

"Free and Western nations have a responsibility to dissuade countries like China, Russia and Iran from threatening our people," Mike Pompeo said in a speech in Berlin on the eve of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the fall. Berlin Wall.

The US Secretary of State emphasized the need for Allied democracies to work together, adding that US positions on NATO, Iran, Chinese technology and the new Russian-German pipeline aim to defend hard-won freedoms.

Mike Pompeo, who is in the German capital this Friday for a visit marked by the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, said that 30 years later, authoritarianism is growing again.

Citing Russia's actions in Ukraine and China's crackdown on dissidents, Pompeo said it was necessary to "recognize that free nations are in competition for values ​​with non-free nations."

The US Secretary of State said that was why the US opposed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, increased pressure on Iran, warned about the development of the Chinese 5G network and urged NATO countries to increase military spending. . "If we don't lead, who will?" Asked Mike Pompeo.



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