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US regulator advocates that all drones be tracked

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Representatives of the United States Aviation Regulatory Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), put forward a proposal in which they argue that almost all drones sold in the United States are traceable to radio data. The goal of regulators is to increase the safety of unmanned aircraft use and to prevent terrorist attacks.


Incident happened in Las Vegas, where it is illegal to fly drones within 5 miles of the airport.

The first wording of the new rules suggests the creation of a huge tracking network, which would be responsible for keeping an eye on products ranging from toys to large commercial drones. This will enable law enforcement to identify devices that are flying anywhere from congested urban areas to rural areas.

Official Website: Federal Aviation Administration

As Fortune points out, these controversial FAA measures form the basis of the future of drone-based commerce. Defining these rules will be critical to the unmanned aircraft delivery market for projects such as Amazon's Prime Air or Alphabet's Wings (Google).

Source: Flo Dnd / Pexels

The only limited exception to this new US rule will be model aircraft and drones that weigh less than 250 grams. All other unmanned aircraft would have to transmit their position and the identity of their operator at all times if the FAA proposal were to materialize.

Representatives of US law enforcement and national security agencies have been suggesting such actions for some time because of increased threats involving drones. Recently, a number of complicated situations have occurred that have resulted in flight cancellations at airports and even collisions with other aircraft.

Via: Fortune Source: FAA
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