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US forbids entry to Cuban minister

by Ace Damon
US forbids entry to Cuban minister

The United States announced Friday that the Cuban Armed Forces Minister is banned from entering US territory, accusing the representative of colluding with human rights violations committed by the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro.

For Washington, General Leopoldo Cintras Frias "has responsibility for supporting Cuba" to the regime of Venezuelan socialist leader Nicolás Maduro, whose exit from power is defended by the US authorities.

"Together with Maduro military and intelligence agents, the MINFAR (Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces) is involved in serious human rights abuses and violations in Venezuela, including torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and punishment" against opponents Maduro, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, quoted in a State Department statement.

Alongside Leopoldo Cintras Frias, the minister's sons are also banned from entering the United States: Deborah Cintra Gonzalez and Leopoldo Cintra González.

The United States is among the more than 50 countries that recognize oppositionist Juan Guaidó (who proclaimed himself Venezuelan interim president in January 2019) as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Cuba, alongside Russia and China, continues to support Nicolás Maduro.

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