by ace

How can you give your house a unique scent? Through unique accents. Accent furniture is not limited to, art objects or paintings.

There are unlimited quantities of objects that can help you create an original ambiance if used correctly, of course. Here are some ideas that you can use as a guide, and that can bring you to surprising combinations.

Plates can be used as a decorative element (it is already known) for the living room or the bedroom. A small display place just for them, especially when they have features that go with the whole room, will have a beautiful effect.

Let us just imagine a set having as decorative element rose blossom. We will pick a plate, a bowl that we can fill up with dried plants, and eventually some smaller details placed on the plate.

They can be placed in the bedroom, where we have some sheets with rose imprints.

A scarf, with similar colors or models, on a chair or covering a wooden table, can improve the ambiance.

A notebook with distinctive motives, fitting the style of another element in the room.

Do not forget about the little pillows. They are essential decorative elements that can be easily integrated anywhere in the room.

Individual tea boxes, colored, and eventually, old tea boxes can complete a particular atmosphere.

Little bags with plants, tied with ribbons that will chromatically follow the colors of the plants, placed in baskets or decorative boxes can be an idea to bring some nature inside.

Photo albums, with their much designed and varied covers, represent a way to decorate any environment.

Always keep an eye open to absolutely anything that might complete your interior. Don’t just place objects wherever experiment a little, and you will be pleasant surprises with the results.


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