Unavoidable Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

by ace

There comes a time in everyone’s life when growing up is inevitable. Indeed, many of us try to prolong our childhood years to continue to avoid responsibilities.

At least I think that is the main reason. I know it was for me. But when we reach the age of 16, many things start to change.

The driver’s license comes. They are considering that you don’t screw up and fail the test. Your parents start to expect more from you.

This is always an explosion. That list of tasks continues to grow. However, there are also great things about turning sixteen.

For example, you have good ideas for a sixteen-year-old party, yes, it’s time for a big explosion! Bring a cake, balloons and new cars.

Have you seen that MTV television series entitled “Sweet Sixteen”? Must this be one of the most languid programs I’ve ever encountered? These are some of the most spoiled 16-year-olds ever. It will probably bother you.

Just listen to some of her sweet sixteen party ideas. They want their parents to spend hundreds of thousands on their sixteen parties.

The best part is how pretentious and narcissistic these young people are. They honestly believe they deserve the world on a silver platter.

You will hear many of them say, “I deserve this!” Now, I can’t understand why they deserve all these extravagant amenities, food, cars, artists, gifts, and riches. What exactly did they do to win such expensive things? None of them ever had a job.

Hell, they don’t even deliver school work. You spoiled brats, and that’s it! Your parents need to abandon their sweet sixteen-year-old party ideas and make them win something for the first time in their lives.

Otherwise, they will always be arrogant, pampered, and immature. People need to understand something about sweet 16 party ideas and coming of age.

Just because you’re 16 doesn’t mean you deserve to be king. Ponder what you contribute to this world.

How do you make it a better place to live? If you can’t create anything, you can make some changes in your life.


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