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Twitter will allow users to limit who may or may not respond to their …

by Ace Damon
Twitter will allow users to limit who may or may not respond to their ...

Twitter is working on one more way to allow users to reduce harassment in their mentions: limiting who can and cannot respond to tweets. This feature still under development will allow the user to specify who can join the conversation.


Message and answer format seems to have been inspired by Reddit

In addition to the default option that allows anyone to respond (Global), you can limit responses to people you follow and mention (Group), only people included in the conversation (Panel), or no one (Statement). You no longer have to make your account private just to prevent unwanted messages. The new controls will be available by 2020, but no specific date has been released.

You can also expect other improvements to the microblogging service. You'll see a threaded specific conversation view, and the discussion interface that first appeared in the Twitter test app will reach the main app in the coming months. Lists are also getting improvements, including customizing the list view as well as screens that will help you find useful lists.

This will not prevent unsolicited mentions and you will still have to deal with unwanted direct messages if you leave the option to receive Direct Messages from anyone enabled:

Still, this can significantly change the way people interact with Twitter. You may be less likely to leave the service if you know you can limit chats on certain topics to include only people who can contribute to the discussion.

Changes can also encourage the use of the service by celebrities, politicians and important people without having to put up with a flood of unwanted or rude answers.

Source: Engadget
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