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Twitter starts research to list shares added to paid platform

by Ace Damon

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has already disclosed that the platform is thinking about formats for a subscription service. Recently, some users were chosen to answer a survey, regarding news that could be added, for a paid subscription. There are several resource options present in the survey and the user indicates which ones are of interest.

It was already known that the company is working to bring news to the platform. The company was recently announcing new vacancies for system analysts to make these changes. Thus, users who pay an extra cost will have access to benefits.

The search features a number of features that you can consider adding to your paid layers. Some of the examples are: customize the font or theme colors on mobile devices and desktops, undo tweets right after publication, post longer videos with a higher resolution, decrease or extinguish the ads, among other actions.

Additional premium features, which are still being studied, include the option to add normal and automatic responses. Research participants should evaluate the suggested resources based on their importance. They list as the degree of relevance that each of the points mentioned have, according to their personal use.

One of the most differentiated options presented by Twitter is the fact that the ads can disappear. This would be similar to what streaming Spotify does. Several ads are placed between the songs in the free version and, if the user does not want to be interrupted, it is necessary to subscribe to the plan. The social network leaves open the possibility for the ads to remain, but in a reduced form, or to be removed for good.


The social network places a link for users to check the information

Dorsey revealed that Twitter is at an early stage of exploring new ways to monetize its platform. According to the CEO, the news will be studied and tested, before being available. The survey analysis should indicate how many features will be added as a premium experience.

Continues after advertising

It is expected that users will still be able to use the platform for free. The CEO seems concerned that the community will remain active on Twitter, even with the added monetization service.

Via: Neowin


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