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Turkey arrests 121 for criticizing attack on Syria on social networks

by Ace Damon
Turkey arrests 121 for criticizing attack on Syria on social networks

Turkish Interior Minister says authorities are overseeing everything posted on the internet about the operation in the neighboring country

turkey attacks syria

Turkish authorities have arrested 121 people who posted comments on social networks criticizing the Turkish army's military offensive in northeastern Syria against Kurdish militias that began last Wednesday (9).

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu confirmed on Friday that the authorities are really watching everything that has been posted on the Internet about the operation in the neighboring country.

"While our soldiers are giving their lives against terror there (in Syria), we will not let anyone speak against them here," Soylu said.

500 target for legal action for criticism of Syria attack

So far, "legal measures" have been taken against approximately 500 people for criticizing the military operation called by the Turkish government "Fountain of Peace", of which 121 have been arrested, the minister said.

Detainees are accused of "incitement to hatred and enmity" and "propaganda for a terrorist organization" on social networks.

Last year, during a Turkish military operation in the Kurdish enclave of Afrín, about 780 people were arrested for their comments on social media about this army intervention.

Kurdish protests against the Syrian operation in Ankara also ended with several arrests.

Turkey says Kurdish militias attack civilians

In addition, the minister accused Kurdish militias Popular Protection Units (YPG) of attacking civilians in Syria and attributing this action to the Turkish Army.

With its military foray by air and land in Syria, Turkey seeks to seize control of an approximately 30-kilometer strip along the territory of the neighboring country and expel from it the YPG, considered a terrorist group because of its link with an armed group. Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

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