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Trump’s ‘favorable’ policy instincts obstructed by neocons, foreign interests &…

by Ace Damon

Despite President Trump's periodic calls to reduce some of America's "endless wars," they remain unwavering thanks to pressure from an elite pro-war sect in Washington and beyond, former lawmaker Ron Paul told RT.

While the president "wants to move away from some of the interventions that have been dragging on for many, many years," Paul said there are "different factions in our country" that are strongly resisting even the prospect of intervention.

If [Trump] moves in that direction, there are neocons here who would be hysterical about it and they don't think we should give an inch. It is a battle.

In addition to the neocons – who exercise a powerful network of think tanks and influential media organizations – Paul pointed to several other forces that come together to boost Washington's desire for war, while also highlighting "pressure from Saudi Arabia" and Israel. as weapon makers who profit immensely from ongoing conflicts abroad.

It's hard because all defenders and people who like to sell guns – they have to have an enemy and all that nonsense – believe they could make a lot of money out of it.

Even with the president's "favorable" foreign policy instincts, his decisions were erratic under the influence of the Washington establishment, Paul said, citing Trump's premature announcement of Syria's withdrawal, which has been largely reversed since it was made in October to defend. Oil fields.

"This is a confusing and unpredictable position," Paul said. "I would like him to keep his weapons when he said it is time to leave Syria and we just leave."

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Also in Afghanistan, the president's rhetoric has been encouraging to those seeking the end of the longest US war – trapped in the mission for nearly two decades – but beyond mere scandal, his policies have ended up serving the hawks.

"He talked about leaving Afghanistan – often his talk doesn't match his actions, and actions are what's important," Paul said. "We're still building our strength over there."

Talks with the Taliban resumed last week after President Trump broke off nearly a year of talks with the group in September, perhaps the closest the United States has come to finally ending the conflict. The new round of negotiations was announced at a time when a large number of internal government documents were published in a report in the Washington Post, detailing how top officials lied and falsities about the war for years, sometimes even fabricating data for suggest "victory". within range.

Insisting that the United States can no longer be a "global policeman", threatening the rest of the planet with everything from sanctions to drone attacks, Paul called for a clear break in foreign policy thinking in Washington and called for a total withdrawal of US soldiers. from the Middle East.

"So our position is: stay out, there's nothing to gain and no one from this part of the world will come to bomb us or attack us, so we don't see any benefit from staying there," he said.

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