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Transit Mode is DPVAT's application that blocks calls and messages from …

by Ace Damon

DPVAT insurance has launched the application Traffic mode, currently available for Android only. The goal is to keep drivers from having distractions with calls and messages while driving. Moving your phone while driving is already the third largest cause of accidents in Brazil, so avoiding distractions can reduce cases.

Traffic Mode on Google Play

The app blocks messages and calls when it is activated. It works like this: when the driver gets in the car he activates the "traffic mode", this way any notification will be answered automatically by the app. If it is a message on WhatsApp a message is sent stating that the person is in traffic and cannot reply by the messenger himself. The same happens with SMS or call, the difference is that the message is sent as a normal message.


Figures show that increased penalty was not enough to curb the practice

There is a standard message, which is already available on the app itself that says, “I'm driving. To ensure my safety and everyone, I will respond soon. ” But it can also be customized the way the user thinks fit. The same text is sent to all applications.

In addition to sending the message you can also enable the function of sending the location at the time the person received the message or call. This feature must be enabled in the app with the driver's consent. In case the user chooses to activate this option, the person who tried to contact receives, along with the text, the location of where the driver is.

Once your trip is over, simply click "disable" and notifications will be routed back to your smartphone.

DPVAT has reported that it is working to make the app available also for iPhones, which have the iOS operating system. While not giving a date, the app description in the Google app store says, "It's coming soon for iOS too," so it shouldn't take long. For those with Android smartphones the Traffic Mode app is now available for free. You can download it by clicking on here.

Via: Automotive News


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