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Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

by Ace Damon
Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

There has never been so much TV and TV series streaming as in the present day. Thus, it is difficult to make a story of the worst series of the year, after all, no one can or is interested in seeing everything. Given this, instead of looking for the worst and crudest TV series out there, the CinePOP decided to bring the BIGGEST DECEPTIONS of the year.

In some cases, the list will bring bad productions, but we also have examples of good series that went the wrong way. Check out our full selection and be sure to participate through the comments. Come and see!

10) Big Little Lies (Season 2)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

Of course Big little lies wouldn't be on a list of the worst series of the year. The second season has good times, is very well done and the cast is fabulous. Now… it was a disappointment, yes. In the first place, there was no reason to exist, since the book's history had already been exhausted and the closing of the original season had been perfect. But from the point where they decided to continue the story, they should have thought of a better plot. Very little works in season two. Bonnie's whole plot (Zoë Kravitz) with the mother is uninteresting. Shailene Woodley is wasted while Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman feature little new compared to the initial season. The highlights are Laura Dern and mainly, Meryl streep, but nothing to justify the renewal of the series. Should have stopped in the first year.

9) Riverdale (Third / Wednesday seasons)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

It is quite true that it is difficult to be disappointed with what little is expected. Riverdale It has always been a troubled series for a specific group of fans. Now the series has decided to kick the bucket for good lately. True, it was always a little absurd, but now it's gotten to the point of character talking to his brother's corpse and believing in a haunted doll. Riverdale born wanting to be David Lynch, with clear references to Twin peaks, and now it looks like it wants to be Annabelle. The loving comings and goings of the characters no longer interest the public either. And how willing are we to accept how clueless and misguided the Archie lived by KJ Apa? The charismatic young cast still saves the show, but for how long?

8) NOS4A2 (Season 1)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

AMC's newcomer horror series has as its main attraction the presence of Zachary Quinto as a protagonist. However, this is very little. Starting with the title almost impossible to pronounce and going through absurd and meaningless plots. But worst of all is that it does not scare, which is a crime for a series of terror. Quinto's character is pretty uninteresting and not scary at all. Nor visually the production is very flashy. It was renewed for season two, but few people understood the reason for it. Ashleigh Cummings, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Jahkara Smith, Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Virginia Kull complete the main cast of the production.

7) The Affair (Season 5)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

The Affair was a real sensation throughout its early years, with an engaging plot and a very talented cast. Over time, the series was losing protagonists and was falling in quality. This is evident in the fifth and last season, hampered by the departures of Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson. Not even the presence of Oscar winner Anna Paquin helped save the season. Production has always been a beautiful study of characters, but it turned out disappointingly and superficially, taking advantage of time jumps and uninteresting developments. A pity for a series with so many positives.

6) Veronica Mars (Fourth season)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

Veronica Mars It is undoubtedly a series that deserved better recognition. Production was canceled without an ending after the third season and required crowdfunding to return through a movie. Although it serves to kill the fans' longing, the film disappointed many people. Given this, the team struggled to make another season possible, with the help of Hulu. The result was ups and downs. The mood of nostalgia is good, Kristen Bell She is always charismatic and the original cast is almost all present. Still without a fifth season guaranteed, the series has opted for a shocking ending, with a great cliffhanger. For a series with experience of cancellations, the production should have been more careful with its fans.

5) 13 Reasons Why (Season 3)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

13 Reasons Why I didn't need a second season, let alone a third. Everything about the new year is expendable, starting with every outreach campaign highlighting the mystery "who killed Bryce Walker?". The question should have been another: “who cares?” The truth is that the show has always been problematic, but at least it featured relevant themes and a charismatic young cast, though some very caricatured. In season three, the impression is that the team doesn't even care anymore. Everyone in the "what am I doing here?" Mode. Expectations for the fourth and last year could not be lower.

4) The I-Land (Season 1)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

The I-Land maybe it's the worst series of the year and it's just not much further on our list because there wasn't a high expectation about it. Still, there was some interest in seeing what the "Lost of Netflix" would look like. Written, directed and produced by the cult Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men), the series is error after error. It is even hard to believe it was performed by someone with years in the market. The series has only seven episodes, one worse than the other. A disappointing experience that does not entice the viewer at any time. Trying to create a suspense or make a mystery, but everything is so obvious… Not enough problems, was still one of the most expensive productions made by Netflix in 2019.

3) See (Season 1)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

Apple TV + came roaring in 2019 and invested in ambitious stellar cast shows. This was the case of See, production with budget of $ 15 million per episode (almost one game of Thrones) and with the presence of one of the biggest stars of today: Jason Momoa. Frontierfrom Netflix already had Momoa in a kinda vibe GOT and Vikings. Now See follows the same path. Almost literally after all Frontier and See look the same series. It was a good attempt by Apple to perform in the adventure field, but it didn't work out very well. It will not be this series that will make people overcome GOT.

2) Arrested Development (Season 5)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

When FOX canceled Arrested Development Without an end after his third season was heartbreaking. After all, we are facing one of the best comedy series in American TV history. Later, after much pressure from fans and cast, Netflix took over production and had a good – and different – season four. The company also secured the fifth year, which was when things started to go wrong. We had reports of bullying and sexual harassment against Jeffrey Drum, in Transparent, and the team of Arrested chose to stay by the actor's side. And that support spawned some pretty weird situations, like the whole male cast cutting Jessica Walter in an interview where she was talking about Drum's wrong behavior. Even worse was that the series itself inserted jokes involving the prosecution. True or not, it is quite wrong nowadays to make fun of such a serious accusation.

1) Game of Thrones (Season 8)

Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019Top 10 Series Deceptions in 2019

The disappointment of the year. The disappointment that had been drawing for some time since it became clear that the filmmakers would follow Jonerys' easy path. But it was even worse than expected. game of Thrones Wasted his main characters last season and even made the mistake of “freaking out” Daenerys, a very easy, very sudden and very wrong way. Any self-respecting fan of the series was upset to see the character burning Porto Real brutally. We also had the long awaited battle of Winterfell, all done in the dark. Has anyone out there seen anything? Oh, and the icing on the cake: Bran Stark. After spending the entire season saying that he was no longer a man, that he was no longer Bran, the guy backs down and takes over the Westeros Throne. Sounds like a bad joke, but that's it.

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