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To beat 8-0 is a lot, but it is far from too much

by Ace Damon
To beat 8-0 is a lot, but it is far from too much

Manchester City, the current two-time English champion under Pep Guardiola's baton, applied a resounding 8-0 at Watford on Saturday for the English Premier League.

The result proves the tremendous offensive force of a team that has players from the middle of the front in the squad of Agüero (greatest scorer in club history), Sterling, De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez, David Silva, Gabriel Jesus and Sané – the latter is injured.

All properly matched – none of them have arrived at the club this season – are capable of creating a number of goal chances with every match.

Not infrequently, and in a scheme where the team can keep possession of the ball for 60% of the time, they reach over 20 per game – in the first six games of the current English Premier League, the average finish is 21.7. .

In the match at Etihad Stadium, the arena of Man City, the net shook the Portuguese Bernardo Silva (three times), the Belgian De Bruyne, the Argentine Agüero, the Spanish David Silva, the Algerian Mahrez and even the Argentine defender Otamendi.

The first goal came less than 1 minute away and by 18 minutes the score was already 5-0 for the sky-blue team.

That advantage, with so much play ahead, made Watford goalkeeper, experienced 36-year-old Ben Foster, fear for a giant-proportion shame.

“It was being a carnage, and I thought, 'My God, it could be more than ten.' The odds multiplied before our eyes. I was happy with life when we went into the break with 5-0. It could have been a cricket score. ”

In cricket, a sport little practiced in Brazil, teams usually score more than 200 points per game.

It wouldn't be that much, but fortunately for Foster and his team mates, Man City didn't keep up – if they did, they would have scored 25 goals.

Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster is devastated after conceding Bernardo Silva's seventh goal; Man City would still make the eighth (Phil Noble – 21.set.2019 / Reuters)

Defeating five or more goals is no rarity for Man City in the Guardiola era. I will quote the most recent.

The same Watford led from 6 to 0 in FA Cup finalin May this year. In this duel, the goalkeeper was not Foster, but the Brazilian Gomes.

Germany's Schalke took a 7-0 win at the European Champions League in March and Chelsea 6-0 at the English Premier League in February. The victims in January were Burnley (5-0 in English), Rotherham United (7-0 in the English Cup) and Burton Albion (9-0 in the English League Cup).

That is, 8-0 was not even the most extended result of Man City under the Spaniard, proven to be one of the best coaches in the world.

In history, the club's record-breaking goal took place in the 19th century: 12-0 at the Liverpool Stanley Cup for England on October 4, 1990.

Thus, an 8 to 0, though eye-popping and not at all easy to record, is far from being among the biggest goals ever seen in football.

I asked FIFA about the matter, and the entity replied that it did not have “a complete record of all matches” and could offer “only the top ten goals in FIFA competitions”.

The biggest one is a stunning Australian victory over American Samoa on April 11, 2001: 31-0 at Oceania qualifying for the 2002 World Cup in the Australian city of Coffs Harbor.

#onthisday 2001: Australia beat American Samoa 31-0

Archie Thompson got 13 goals 😂 pic.twitter.com/yv94jvugDA

– Classic Football Shirts (@classicshirts) April 11, 2017

In the duels between clubs, a number of football-related vehicles report that the record belongs to Madagascar's AS Adema, who defeated the Stade Olympique L'Ermyne (SOE) by 149-0 (that is, 149-0). October 31, 2002.

The curious thing is that no goal was scored by the Adema athletes, who did not even touch the ball in the match. All 149, averaging 1.66 per minute, were against.

Order of the coach Ratsimandresy Ratsarazaka, who decided to protest against what happened in the previous SOE match, in which the referee, by scoring a supposedly non-existent penalty, took his chance to win the title.

This score, 149-0, gets fired from any other.

The second biggest rout in history is recent. It took place just over three years ago, on May 23, 2016, in the third division of the Ecuadorian Championship: Pelileo 44 x 1 Indi Native.

The top scorer of this match was Ronny Measure, with 18 goals.

The third biggest rout is nothing recent. It took place on September 12, 1885, for the Scottish Cup.

The home team Arbroath massacred Bon Accord mercilessly: 36-0.

18-year-old John Petrie has shaken his net 13 times, the same number as Australian Archie Thompson on FIFA's highest score – 31-0.

In this 36-0, reports the London site Tifo, Bon Accord suffered from the absence of their goalkeeper and another member of the team, who did not appear to play.

There were no reservations, and two spectators were invited to complete the team, with defender Andrew Lorne taking the position of goalkeeper.

To beat 8-0 is a lot, but it is far from too muchThe Arbroath Team that ruthlessly thrashed the also Scottish Bon Accord in 1885 (Reproduction / Arbroath FC website)

The incredible thing comes out when the fourth biggest defeat, also between two Scottish clubs, is presented: Dundee Harp 35-0 Aberdeen Rovers.

Because incredible? Because it happened the same day, the very same day, Arbroath 36-0 at Bon Accord.

Reports indicate that the Dundee-Aberdeen referee, lost in the midst of the goal avalanche, scored 37 for Dundee, but was corrected by the winning team's staff, who had counted two fewer.

Complete the top 5 of Australia's most powerful goalscorer in American Samoa (31-0).

Returning to England, Man City, with their admirable 8-0, were a long way from the most resilient defeat in the country: Preston North End 26-0 Hyde FC for the FA Cup on October 15, 1887.

In Brazil, it is said that Botafogo is the owner of the victory by the highest goal margin in an official match. Bring this information sites such as Ball Collection and Football Champions, among others.

On May 30, 1909, for the Carioca Championship, Fogão humiliated Mangueira, 24-0, with nine goals from striker Gilbert Hime.



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