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Thunderstorm in São Paulo has already killed 32 people and 47 people are missing

by Ace Damon
Thunderstorm in São Paulo has already killed 32 people and 47 people are missing

JN / Agencies

Yesterday at 8:27 pm

The death toll following heavy rains that hit part of the coast of the Brazilian state of São Paulo earlier this week rose to 32, while 47 people remain missing, the Civil Defense said on Friday.

According to the latest bulletin released by the authorities, 26 people died in the city of Guarujá, four in Santos and two in São Vicente.

Guarujá was the municipality most affected by the storms, concentrating 42 of the 47 missing and 249 of the 434 displaced. The neighboring city of Santos has 185 people displaced.

Firefighters and members of the rescue service resumed search and rescue work this morning, but had to temporarily suspend them due to the imminent risk of further landslides in the region.

"We had to stop. We are waiting for the soil to stabilize. The day is quite hot and can evaporate the water and improve the situation," said fire chief, Captain Marcos Palumbo.

More than 40 firefighters work in the rescue operations and, according to Palumbo, machines will be introduced to assist in the searches.

The victims and affected municipalities received a total of 30.5 tons of humanitarian aid material, such as mattresses, blankets, clothing, drinking water and food.

The governor of São Paulo, João Doria, returned to visit the affected areas and announced the transfer of 50 million reais (9.5 million euros) for infrastructure works in Guarujá, Santos and São Vicente.

The Brazilian Government, on the other hand, decreed a state of public calamity in Guarujá and an emergency situation in the other two most affected municipalities, so that the three locations have federal resources for rescue operations, assistance, restoration of services to the population and reconstruction of public structures.

The heavy rains that hit the region since the dawn of Tuesday caused floods and damage in several parts of São Paulo's coastal cities, blocked several roads and affected transportation, education, water supply, electricity and the communications network.

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