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'This is going to be ugly,' says policeman who tied a black man in Texas

by Ace Damon

Texas Police Release Video Showing Time Horse Officers Handcuff And Lead Black Man Tied Up By A Rope In August

Two white horse-mounted police officers take a mentally black homeless man tied with a rope through the streets of Texas and say the situation will "look very ugly."

The statement can be heard twice in the videos released by police in Galveston, Texas, when police officers Smith and Brosch tied Donald Neely in early August after he was accused of trespassing on property. They both had cameras strapped to their uniforms. (check out the video below)

At the time, the image had negative repercussions on social networks and was called racist, as the two policemen are taking a suspect tied to the city streets. One user even compared the image with slavery.

After protests last month, the Police Department decided to share the camera footage police officers carried during the approach.

The operation

In the filming of policeman Brosch, you can hear him asking his partner, policewoman Smith, if she could go get the car so they don't have to drive Neely too much. She says the sergeant would not approve of their separation.

At this point, Brosch says "this is going to be very ugly." He repeats the statement before starting to guide the suspect through the city.

The two policemen claim to know Neely, and ask the man why he is still sleeping on the street and in other homes.

The man had asked to take a welding mask with him, which he wears for a while before asking the cops to take off because he can't see.

"We will. Walk by my side, otherwise I'll have to drag you. You need to walk near me, ”Smith said when the man runs out of the mask.

The policewoman also asks them to walk the less crowded streets, and she says yes, since she wants to "get less attention".

The cops and the suspect walk several blocks until they arrive in the parking lot where the police car and horse trailer are parked.

Neely waits for more than 10 minutes until the arrival of a third police officer who puts him in the vehicle.

Police chief's decision

Following the repercussion of Neely's arrest, Chief Constable Vernon Hale said that police officers use horses when they need to control crowds and that police officers "got it wrong." He apologized and said he would change the rules.

On Wednesday (2), through Facebook, the police department said it received the sheriff's report and will review the material to determine what further action will be taken.

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