The Writer Market

by ace

I started my writing career at the age of 12. Okay, so you got me. At the time, I was not appropriately paid for my witty banter and sarcastic diatribes.

However, I was doing what every determined writer should do, and it is improving my skills. Writing, like all other fields, is about hard work.

You need to practice and learn more to improve and, hopefully, succeed.

This is unnecessary.

It is a process that we learned from an early age and applies to everything we do. Now, what about the writer’s market? This is an ever-changing business. Take the Internet, for example.

The web has completely revolutionized writing as we know it. It is no longer a matter of doodling on notepads and punching typewriter keys.

Nowadays, it’s all about software and Internet access.

I had a professor in college who told me something disheartening. He was teaching a writing course, and one day he let it slip. “There are two ways you can make money as a writer today; one is by writing fiction, and the other is by movies.”

That was such a bleak statement. It could be right: What about journalists, poets, and those who live to create short stories? Well, I talked to the teacher after class, and he explained that statement in a little more detail.

He was saying that people in history and poetry are a thing of the past. And nowadays it’s all about novels and fiction films.

These are the writers who make a lot of money. I have to admit that it sounded like reality. Anyway, one thing that we haven’t discussed in this writing course is the online writer market.

Nowadays, this is quite massive. If you have a computer and access to the Internet, the online recorder market is something you should consider. Of course, that is, if you are looking for a career in writing.

The web can host several freelance writing shows. I am sometimes surprised by the amount of paper that goes straight into cyberspace. Imagine all the articles and medical tests available online.

It’s a big deal. Like any career field, the writer’s market can be daunting and confusing at times.

There is a lot of competition, but in what area competition is lacking, it is the same, regardless of your specialty. One thing I can say is that if you look for a job in the contemporary writer market, you will find some. The acquisition of the show is up to you.


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