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The Walking Dead: World Beyond May Crossover With Other Franchise Series

by Ace Damon
The Walking Dead: World Beyond May Crossover With Other Franchise Series


With its development confirmed for months, and already cast protagonist cast, the new series derived from The Walking Dead, titled The Walking Dead: World Beyond, continues to gain some news.

Among them, in a recent interview with the EW website (via Coming Soon), the franchise's creative boss, Scott M. Gimple, talked about the setting of the new show, including where it fits in with the other series in The Walking Dead:

“Technically, the World Beyond series is a little late on the timeline. But not much. Not enough for people to notice. It's very, very close to being simultaneous, but a little behind. Not in any way anyone might notice. ”

He also talked more about the setting of the series, noting that in it we will discover more about an environment not yet explored through the other programs:

“Let's discover this great aspect of the world we haven't seen yet. We saw glimpses of him at the helicopter shows and the soldier we saw, Isabelle in Fear The Walking Dead… In a way, World Beyond is a great story… And the movies will also cover part of that plot, because Rick was in one of those helicopters, which means that the series and the movies will have a certain relationship, but they are not deeply related.

Those soldiers and the organization they are part of will be explored, and the public will see that this will provide the foundation for the world Rick is in now. Even if this mystery appeared in "Fear the Walking Dead" it is in Bey World Beyond ‘that we will delve deep into this story… Let's explore the existence of the three communities represented in the three-ring logo seen on the helicopter that took Rick Grimes.

Image of THe Walking Dead: World beyonddisclosure

Future crossovers between World Beyond and other series from The Walking Dead:

Still during the interview about the future of The Walking Dead franchise, Scott M. Gimple also pointed out that there are already talks for a crossover of The Walking Dead: World Beyond to occur with the other series in the future:

“Yes, absolutely. I mean, these projects share a universe… We talked about aspects of next season for World Beyond. There may even be a great aspect of crossover with one of the shows. This is the other part: we have these plans, but we need to execute them. ”

Check out the trailer previously released:

About The Walking Dead: World Beyond Series

The plot of the new series will feature the story of two young protagonists and focus on the first generation to grow up in the apocalypse. Some will become heroes. Others, villains. In the end, everyone will be changed forever. More mature will have their identities, good and bad, rooted.

The cast of the new series includes Aliyah Royale (“The Red Line”) as Iris, Annet Mahendru (“The Americans”) as Huck, Nico Tortorella (“Younger”) as Felix, Joe Holt (“The Punisher”) as Dr. Raymond Campbell, Nicolas Cantu (“The Amazing World of Gumball”) as Elton, Hal Cumpston (Bilched) as Silas, James Martin Kelly (Men in Black 3) as Uncle Carlo, Alexa Mansour (“How to Avoid Crime”) as Hope , Reece Rios (“Scandal”) as Isaac, and Pritesh Shah (“Six”) as Mr. Kadakia.

It is worth mentioning that it was previously confirmed that the new show will have its season consisting of 10 episodes, being a creation of Scott M. Gimple alongside Matt Negrete. Negrete, in turn, will also serve as showrunner for the new title. In addition, Jordan Vogt-Roberts was confirmed as the director of the first episodes.

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The new series The Walking Dead: World Beyond will begin airing in 2020, possibly in April.

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