The Utopia of Self Entitlement

by ace

When today’s media let any nobody be someone, as wrong and lazy as it seems, the utopia falls fast when the clash of reality unveils the dubious ways of pseudopassive king of the hill and its income money and way of life.

We become free to believe our illusions of social reality, getting a free pass more out of fear of others demystifying our dream than the free-fall back to life itself and what it means to build a business, a life, a career.

Then, the need to call for help messes with the need for individuality.
The ignorant power we think we are entitled, like someone more significant than everything else, guided by rules that only himself or herself understood.

Biting the hand that feeds becomes the norm when we use the thing that keeps us alive, usually for free nowadays, and then we turn our backs to it to find out, later enough, that in our misery, we were blinded. The drug that lifts us towards a self-made world, as fake as our imagination inside the real society.

Fortunately, those walls built up to keep us high and mighty are easily torn down and to see through for the ones with a different sense of awareness.

Those that look deep into our eyes and makes us weak on the mind, on our thoughts, on our knees.
It is cutting through our real selves with an unbreakable aura – the self-made working people that won’t ever mind about the whining little attention seekers and drama divas.

The reason for fake entitlement derives from the loneliness we all feel at a time in our lives, that day of the week, or even that hour of the day. It tickles our sense with a sign of courage that helps us through that same day, but, like the power of any substance, it will go away, and the effect helps to get through – but will never heal the real problem.

Today we behave individually like if we were super-powerful, a god in our world ready to fight and challenge everything. But that power should be directed and used for our desire to grow, to be more and reach further than ever before, and to keep challenging ourselves against what we never think we could achieve. Each step and each failure are a lesson learned. Step up and try again.

Unfortunately, we lose our time taking selfies and posting on some world-wide international network page feed, then enjoying the quick gratification, forgetting that this type of feeling is only distracting us from the real objective and soon becomes procrastination at its best.

One day you will look behind and wonder where did time go too… maybe scrolling through that feed might help.
Give in to your pains, look at it and face it, and it will tell you what is wrong in your life and yourself.

Give it the chance to make you understand that in the end, the means for your happiness justify the failures. You just lost and misdirected the few times you were given some power and self-awareness to show the outside world you were alright, instead of fighting for a better self.

That doesn’t always mean you will feel good about your surroundings. This means you will understand and live better with them all, accepting yourself as you are and improving from there.


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