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‘The Music of My Life’ and the importance of art in daily life

by ace


Movie features portrayal of young Pakistani children living during the late 1980s crisis in England, but can chat with all audiences

Whether it’s a book, a movie, a game, or a song, there are works of art that pop into each of us. While some may find it tremendous nonsense for the moment and life of others, it can be fundamental to a transformation, an acceptance of what one is or what surrounds you.

The Music of My Life is a film that inspires this kind of thinking, not only for yourself, but for how others can change because of an artwork that is not so relevant to you.

Based on a true story, the protagonist Javed (Viveik Kalra) is a Pakistani son who lives in a small English town and lives his young school dilemmas while facing prejudice for his origin. Its form of extravasation is also related to art. The poems he hides for himself only gain readers when a teacher instigates him and when he meets “The Boss.”

For many, when the artist is introduced by such a nickname, there are still doubts, but for fans, it is already certain the participation of Bruce Springsteen in the soundtrack.

The New Jersey artist, with his everyday lyrics and contagious beating, ultimately generates a huge transformation in Javed’s life, his relationship with his parents, friends, women, and especially his work as a writer.

The plot has its clichés there and knows which buttons to push to reach a comfortable place with the audience, but it is nonetheless interesting, with good dialogues and credible clashes that make anyone relate to the intergenerational fight represented by father and son .

A character who appears little but who shows his own brightness is the neighbor of the Pakistani family. Despite his scowling appearance, he is the one who opens the eyes of many to a situation that Javed is forced to live with, forcing a certain naturalness, but always deserves repudiation.

The performance and delivery of all the presents on the scene makes each character gain more dimensions, aided by a good script, and present more than the simplism of a girlfriend or a friend who is leaving.

The director, who begins the projection with a frantic edition, worthy of the traditional music videos, eventually diminishes this tone and leaves more room for the story and relationships of all the characters to develop.

For many people, Springsteen may be a stranger or even a bad musician, but The Music of My Life demonstrates how art can bring different feelings to each other. Leading even a skeptical father to wonder if “this Springsteen is not Pakistani.”

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