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The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

by Ace Damon
The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

At this point it needn't be said that terror is one of the favorite genres here in the CinePOP newsroom and for you, our dear readers. And as fans, it brings us great joy to receive so many quality productions in recent years. Only in the last two years have we won movies like: A Silent, Hereditary, Us, It: Chapter 2, Midsommar, Predator Killer, Toy Killer, and Doctor Sleep – which has just premiered today in theaters.

And this flood of works of the genre promises not to cease anytime soon, with new high-profile horror movies that generate great hype, set to open in the coming months. With that in mind, CinePOP has decided to program you some of the most anticipated horror movies coming out next year. Get ready to write them all down and get the goose bumps all year round 2020. Come meet.

The headlight

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

This is actually a remnant of 2019, but it will only land in our theaters in early January. The main draw of this all-black-and-white feature is directed by Robert Eggers, the filmmaker responsible for the hit The Witch (2015). In the plot, two men work in a lighthouse and, isolated, gradually lose their sanity. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe star.

The Grudge

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

New adaptation of the homonymous Japanese horror of 2002. The work had already been reworked in 2004, with Sarah Michelle Gellar as protagonist. Now, in this reboot, again produced by Sam Raimi, the plot is first taken to the US, and features Andrea Riseborough as a detective investigating the curse of a home. The premiere is on January 16th.

Enjoy to watch:

Deep Threat

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Still in January this terror debuts on a sea creature threatening a submerged research base. Gradually, actress Kristen Stewart, starred in the Twilight franchise, makes her peace and returns to commercial cinema. This year she will be in the new adaptation of The Panthers. And on January 9th, she stars in this horror for Fox / Disney.

Fantasy island

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Based on the classic series Fantasy Island (1977-1984), producer Jason Blum and his Blumhouse bring on February 13 a version of the idea turned into a horror movie. In the plot, a magical island and its mysterious host fulfill the wishes of its visitors. The cast has Lucy Hale, Michael Peña and Maggie Q.

Mary and John: The Witch's Tale

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Another theme that will be very much in vogue in next year's horror movies is witches. We will begin with this subversion of the classic tale of John and Mary. The draw of this horror-tuned adaptation is the presence of talented redheaded Sophia Lillis, who once lived the childlike version of Amy Adams (Cutting Objects) and Jessica Chastain (It: Chapter 2), in the skin of Mary. The film opens on February 20th.

The invisible man

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Blumhouse goes back to producing this feature, which won a trailer and poster today, and adapts other classic material, this time for Universal. Based on The Invisible Man (1933), the new version features the great Elisabeth Moss (Aia's Tale), and the story focuses on an abusive relationship that refuses to die. The script and direction are by Leigh Whannell, responsible for the Deadly Games and Supernatural franchises.

The Orphans

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

The star of this feature is young Mackenzie Davis, capitalizing on the success of the recent Terminator: Dark Destiny, in which she steals the scene as the heroine Grace. Here she lives a housekeeper hired to care for scary children in a macabre mansion. All the typical elements of a great terror are in place. Finn Wolfhard of It and Stranger Things lives one of the creepy kids. The movie opens here on March 5th at Universal.

A Silent Place 2

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

March 19 is the sequel to one of the most successful films of its kind in recent years. A Silent Place 2 continues the terror of a family in a post-apocalyptic reality where silence is required and can have deadly consequences. Emily Blunt and the children return, with the addition of Cillian Murphy in the cast. The direction and script follow the actress John Krasinski's hubby.

The New Mutants

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Yes, finally this movie of the changing universe will be released and we will be able to watch it. Or not? One of the most delayed films in recent movie history, The New Mutants has had its release date so altered that many wonder if the movie will actually be shown. Refixes and Disney's purchase of Fox are some of the reasons. To date is almost a joke, with the movie premiering on April 2, narrowly not on the 1st.


The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

If I had to pick a movie from this list that I'm most looking forward to, this movie would be Candyman. In the production and script we have the new modern horror pope, Jordan Peele (Run and Us). Initially regarded as a reboot, the feature has now been defined as a spiritual sequel to the 1992 classic neo, even casting the original Candyman, Tony Todd, to reprise the role. In the direction, a female filmmaker bringing a new flavor to the work: Nia DaCosta, and the cast also features promising Teyonah Parris (If Beale Street Talked) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman). Universal releases the movie on June 11th.

Zombie Invasion 2

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Who says the slots are US exclusive. Here we have exactly that with the continuation of the highly acclaimed South Korean Invasion Zombie (2016), one of the most prestigious subgenre feature films in recent years. Well, that he didn't need sequencing that's for sure. But it is a little reassuring to have the same director, the talented Yeon Sang-ho, in charge. The premiere is scheduled for August 27th.

Summon Evil 3

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

The Warren couple, played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, have made headlines this year in their third damn Annabelle movie. Now, next year they will return in their own movie, with the third chapter of the Evocation of Evil franchise, which has already spawned its own extended universe with some derivatives. Is it the conclusion of the saga? I doubt it. The premiere is scheduled for mid-September.

Witches Convention

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

One of the biggest concept productions for next year is this reimagination of Roald Dahl's literary children's classic, even author of The Fantastic Chocolate Factory. The work had already been adapted in a 1990 feature film starring Anjelica Huston as the witch queen. Now it is Anne Hathaway's turn to take the lead in the cast of names like Octavia Spencer and Chris Rock in the overproduction directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future trilogy). The premiere is on October 15th, just in time for Halloween.

Halloween KillsThe Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Speaking of Halloween, nothing better than bringing to celebrate the date the psychopath whose franchise has just such a title. Michael Myers is back for the second episode of this new trilogy that began last year, and brought back Laurie Strode, lived again by Jamie Lee Curtis. The surprise this time is the presence of the characters Lindsey and Tommy, the children Laurie took care of as a nanny in the original movie, played by Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Richards – the same actress who lived in her childhood. The premiere is also scheduled for October 15th.

Saw – Deadly Games

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Still in the month of Halloween, a very successful franchise rehearses a reboot. Deadly Games began in 2004 and continued over the past decade with no less than seven sequels, the latest being released in 2017. Now the idea is to start from scratch and for that, comedian Chris Rock is the one who takes over the project in the script, production and as an actor. Adding even more prestige to the production, Rock invited fellow Samuel L. Jackson to the cast. The premiere is on October 22.

Last Night in Soho

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Remember I said what was my most anticipated movie on the list above? Well, if there's a horror movie that rivals Candyman for my anxiety, this feature is here. New production by the talented Edgar Wright (Everybody Almost Dead), this work promises a bath of creativity and originality. The premise talks about a young fashion lover who mysteriously manages to go back to the 1960s and meet her idol. But this time travel will have serious consequences. Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin Mackenzie star in. The premiere is on November 5th.

Escape Room 2

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

The watchword in Hollywood is to quickly capitalize on unexpected successes. And terror is a cheap genre to produce, and one that can be very lucrative. So this year's surprise success, Escape Room, has already triggered a sequel for next year. The news is up to Isabelle Fuhrman, the girl from The Orphan (2009), already grown, in the cast. The premiere is scheduled for November 12th.


The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Still without a debut date in Brazil, the list could not end without a production of Guillermo del Toro. In addition to this big name, here is another one: Scott Cooper is the director, debuting in a horror movie. Cooper is best known for commanding the Great Crazy Heart (2009), All for Justice (2013) and Crime Alliance (2015). Here, Keri Russell lives a teacher who, next to the sheriff's brother in town, finds himself struggling with a boy, his student, and his terrible secrets.

Brahms: The Boy 2

The Most Expected TERROR Movies for 2020

Take care Chucky and Annabelle. Yes, the third most creepy puppet in cinema will have a sequel. The macabre and underrated Boneco do Mal (2016) was successful enough to generate this sequence. But those who saw the first movie start scratching their heads, as all the mystery surrounding little Brahms has been revealed. The news of the sequel is the presence of Katie Holmes starring in the terror. The movie has not yet …

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