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The contradiction of Jesus

by ace

The undeniable collaboration of Jorge Jesus to Brazilian football, its undeniable ability to set up a squad in tight time and to play the World Cup looking in Liverpool's eyes, European champion, contrasts with his speech, contrary to study and improvement.

“I don't read soccer books. All my fieldwork I created it. ”

Just have the creativity to produce your workouts, in line with what I said José Mourinho, for whom the fact that knowledge is available to everyone via the internet is a huge contribution to mental laziness.

Hence it is important to be able to create one's own knowledge, as Jorge Jesus says to do.

The contradictory is to think that the Portuguese coach, absolute forefront in Brazilian soccer of 2019, reproduce in other words the speech of Renato Gaucho, winning the 2016 Brazil Cup: “Who doesn't know studies, maybe goes to the beach.”

It is possible to understand as a joke the sentence of Renato Gaúcho and as confidence what affirms Jorge Jesus. It is also curious that the last two technical champions of the Liberators Brazilian clubs are proud not to read or study.

It is obvious that both improve. Have you read here that Jorge Jesus understood that Jürgen Klopp makes the 4-3-3 of the most aggressive pressure marking on the planet.. That is, studies. But it speaks in the opposite direction.

Minutes before the Silver Ball trophy was delivered on December 9, Jorge Jesus knew he would receive the Telê Santana award and was not ashamed to ask: “Who is Telê Santana? ”There was astonishment of the interlocutors, who did not understand well whether it was a question or an observation about Tele not deserving to name the tribute. The strangeness was only greater when Jesus heard praise about their records and replied: “They are nothing close to the legacy I will leave in Brazil.”

Certain compliments are perfect in listening and lose value in being spoken from one's mouth.

Jorge Jesus defines himself as a self-taught person. Kind of like Renato Gaucho. Valdir Espinosa says that in the months following Renato's retirement as a player, they met for a draft beer and the ace shunned football. A few years passed and the bar tables became the stage for conversations about big games and players, pulled by Renato. “That day I realized that he would be a coach,” says Espinosa.

You don't have to be obsessed with reading and classrooms to be a great coach. It is indispensable to watch football carefully, to detail positions, to diagnose novelties, not to lie down in a splendid cradle.

Jorge Jesus is like that. He is also a man enchanted by tactics. “They talk about teams badly physically. They are never bad physically. They are tactically. When you go wrong, you get tired more”He says. Everything Jorge Jesus says is charming and reveals a football-oriented brain.

Jesualdo Ferreira, Santos's new coach, is different. Jorge Jesus Reference, Jesualdo is a Theorist and one of the creators of the Portuguese school of technicians, from his training at the Lisbon Institute of Physical Education in 1989. Time can tell that Jesualdo reads more and delights less. This will not mean that reading is a despicable habit.

Reading lets you know who Telê Santana was, whom Jorge Jesus saw in action when watching Sao Paulo, in the 1990s, traveling to Brazil.

Reading will guarantee future generations to know what was the legacy of Jorge Jesus for Brazilian football.



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