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The 10 Most Hated Actors in Hollywood

by Ace Damon
The 10 Most Hated Actors in Hollywood

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Ah, the cinema. The world of seventh art is full of magic and made of dreams. Well, at least what we see on screen, because the backstage of a production can be real nightmares. That movie we love may be wonderful, but its creation may have been a painful birth. And often the pain is credited to the stars and stars involved, and their behavior at least, say, problematic. With that in mind, CinePOP decided to list ten cases of explosive actors, difficult to deal with while shooting a movie. Fasten your seat belts as the trip will be turbulent.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf CinePOP

From lovable child actor, from films like The Mystery of the Diggers (2003), to the star of the moment and darling of director Steven Spielberg (one of the biggest names in the industry, you know he made it to the top when he falls in favor with the filmmaker), see Transformers (2007) and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), few are unaware of the tragic fate of young LaBeouf (29).

Initially following the controversial footsteps of his screen mate Megan Fox, the actor escalated into one of the most infamous bad boys in today's Hollywood cinema. The bad name of the guy is such that many compare him with Charlie Sheen and who has been suffering with the fact is his career. Prisons, alcoholism, scandals and constant controversy surround the actor.

LaBeouf has already spoken badly about director Michael Bay, was accused of plagiarism, went out in the middle of the Nymphomaniac movie press conference (perhaps wanting to draw more attention than the movie itself), wore a paper bag over his head that read: I'm not famous anymore, ”during a preview, he participated in a porn video clip and was shown at an exhibition where he just listened to what visitors had to say to him. The oddities don't seem to end.

In addition, two cases have recently attracted attention. The first was the great friction with actor Alec Baldwin (equally famous for his explosive temper) during the production of the Broadway play “Orphans”, which resulted in LaBeouf's resignation of the play – say the bad languages ​​that the actors came out of on his arm, what the young man called "passion." And the second was what resulted in the arrest of the young actor as he entered the totally drunk Broadway show "Cabaret" causing confusion. LaBeouf has been away from the big screen since 2014, when he participated in the Iron Hearts war drama with Brad Pitt.

Lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan CinePOP

Enjoy to watch:

This is a ready joke. It's hard not to succumb to the lives of Hollywood stars, and if you don't have a sustainable foundation and foundation, you can easily find rock bottom. Lohan bears a lot of resemblance to LaBeouf, also began his career as a child (starring in Disney movies) and is even the same age as the actor (29). 2004 brought her biggest hit, Mean Girls, and the following year she enjoyed the popularity with Disney's Herbie Turbine Beetle reboot.

After that, the problems with alcoholism and drugs were getting worse, making it impossible to work with the girl. Lohan was late on set and caused her colleagues discomfort. Consecutive entry and exit to rehab clinics has also damaged his career. In 2007, she worked with the muse Jane Fonda on She's the Powerful, who advised her without much success. By the beginning of this decade she had already become a parody of herself and parked at the level of persona non grata.

Lohan worked with Charlie Sheen, who was also trying to get her career on track twice: taking part in an episode of the Shock Treatment series and the panicked comedy "Everybody in Panic." But her bad name was such that even Sheen couldn't stand it, complaining about her delays, the lack of professionalism of the actress and even the disappearance of some items from the sets, which were possibly taken by the troubled young woman. In 2013, the actress made her last appearance to date in director Paul Schrader's film The Canyons (still unheard of in Brazil), in which she portrayed a character very close to her own troubled life. The director said in interviews that he wanted to portray the atmosphere of what it would be like to have Lindsay Lohan in his film, which eventually regretted it.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen CinePOP

Speaking of the actor, he occupies a special place on our list. Sheen began her career as a teenager and in the mid-1980s, she starred in two prestigious films directed by the revered Oliver Stone – Platoon and Wall Street: Power and Greed. Gradually his problems with the law were also becoming notorious, and Sheen, a fan of wild parties, drugs, alcohol and prostitutes, began to tarnish his reputation.

Their marriages were short-lived and joking, see the union with beauty Denise Richards. The height of the problems came with the case involving the series Two and a Half Man, which Sheen starred in, was responsible for saving his career (several actors turn to the small screen when his film career loses its gas) and made the actor one of richest today – up to $ 1 million per episode.

The actor's parties became increasingly intense, which caused delays, and even absence of rehearsals and recordings. The show's producer, Chuck Lorre, decided to stop production until further notice, leaving the entire crew on the show to drift. Sheen was growing thinner, looking unhealthy from drugs, and her image stamped the front pages of tabloids, as in the case of locking a prostitute in the closet, causing panic in a hotel. The court battle between Sheen and the show's producers has ultimately driven the actor from the successful series, being replaced by Ashton Kutcher in recent seasons.

Mike Myers

Myers CinePOP

Here's a guy you would never imagine to see on this list. Yeah, the humorist Mike Myers is known for his playful and lovable persona. Behind the scenes of his films, however, the subject demands creative control and is not joking. The creator of The More Idiot The Better and Austin Powers is known to cause dread in the crew of his films and "according to legend" has already demanded the dismissal of team members who looked him in the eye during his moments of cheer. Myers has been sidelined as a protagonist since his last resounding failure, The Guru of Love (2008).

Katherine Heigl

Heigl CinePOP

Another quiet-looking actress whose romantic films make her look like a lovely person, Katherine Heigl has a reputation for badmouthing her productions, often refusing to promote such films. That is, after cashing your checks for the stakes, of course. Heigl slightly denied Pregnant (2007), for example, the film that put her on the map, accusing him of being sexist. In several interviews, she does not hide the lack of appreciation for the work.

The same happened with his participation in the series Grey's Anatomy, where he remained for the first four seasons. Castmates revealed the dissatisfaction of working with the girl, who always downplayed production. It was not long before Heigl, the eternal dissatisfied one, left the series.

Christian bale

Christian bale CinePOP

When the British actor was announced as the new Batman in 2005, everyone found his lineup perfect. The reason was Bale's acting as the psychotic Patrick Bateman of American Psychopath (2000). Well, maybe it wasn't a big effort for the star to impersonate a man with a shaken psyche.

Everyone knows the case of extreme excitement involving the actor during the filming of Terminator Salvation (2009), in which Bale unleashes all his fury on the film's director of photography, Shane Hurlbut. It turns out that Bale is a methodical actor, very serious and focused on his performance (was it really necessary something of the level for this movie?), And at the moment delivering a dramatic and intense performance, Hurlburt decided to wander from side to side. another disturbing the scene. Needless to say (as it is on the internet) that Bale frothed and dropped the bugs on the photographer, threatening to fire him and hit the pro. The case became famous as one of the biggest recent backstage scandals.

On another occasion, near the 2011 Oscar ceremony, which ended up awarding Bale for the movie The Winner, another scandal broke out in a hotel where the actor was staying. Rumor has it that the actor was involved in a fight and assaulted his wife Sibi Blazic (with whom he has two children and remains married today) and his mother Jennifer James Bale. Nothing has been confirmed.

Julia Roberts

Roberts CinePOP

Julia Roberts is synonymous with elegance, beauty and good humor, as the star is another associated with comic and romantic films. The big explosion in her career came in 1990 when she starred in A Beautiful Woman (1990), a work she is remembered for today and earned her the first Oscar nomination as a lead actress. In the early 1990s, Roberts was at the crest of the wave, and it was at such a time that he collapsed psychologically.

During the filming of Hook – The Return of Captain Hook (1991) by director Steven Spielberg, in which he played the fairy Tinkerbell, Roberts turned the set into a living hell. The actress was psychologically shaken by the breakup of a relationship and, in a bout of stardom, cut herself off from all team members, forbidding many to talk to her. Not even the great Spielberg, and his eternal child persona, was able to create a pleasant atmosphere with the star.

The result was the maximum reduction of scenes with the actress and the nickname she earned from those involved …

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