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Teams need to strike a balance between accelerating and pacing

by Ace Damon
Teams need to strike a balance between accelerating and pacing

A reader, whom I met on the streets of Belo Horizonte, asked me, even though I knew that Luan had scored two beautiful goals in his debut, if there is no coach Tiago Nunes, from Corinthians, who wants an intense team that gets to the goal quickly, and at the same time, invests in a classic connection midfielder, slower and with short touches.

On the contrary.

In addition to individual quality, Luan will be the link, the technical balance, between the acceleration towards the goal and the lucidity to choose the right moment to attack.

At the Liverpool, evidently a team with much more technical resources than the Corinthians, Firmino has this function, the counterpoint between the short exchange of passes and the intensity and speed of the team towards the goal.

The great current and historical teams have this talent, of uniting the two styles in the same game. O Barcelona directed by Guardiola exchanged many short passes, until the ball reached Messi take it quickly to the goal. The same occurred in the Saints, with Skin. The 1970 Brazilian team associated the short exchange of passes with long throws on the defenders' backs, especially for Jairzinho.
O Flamengo unites the two styles, in addition to using the counter-attack a lot.

When I talk about counterattack, many associate it with playing defense. It is not so. The counterattack occurs whenever the team recovers the ball. The closer to the other goal, the better.

Flamengo hired Pedro, a classic center forward, who acts centrally and moves in small spaces, to receive the ball, finish or exchange short passes. He's quite different from Gabigol and Bruno Henrique, fast and skillful attackers. With Pedro, Flamengo has one more strategic option.

The great difficulty of the teams that retreat to score and counterattack is that, when they recover the ball, they are very far from the other goal. When Corinthians had players like Jadson (in form), Rodriguinho and Jô for the counterattack, the team scored and scored many goals. After losing these players, the ball rarely reached the other goal.

If Liverpool win the English Premier League and is two-time European champion, he will go down in history as one of the greatest in world football of all time, if not already.

Liverpool is revolutionizing world football because it is a mixture of two styles that have dominated the recent times, the Guardiola way of being, a lot of exchange of passes to the goal, and the most pragmatic, a lot of scoring and counterattack, many sometimes with long balls. Liverpool scores a lot of goals with defensive balls, especially for defender Van Dijk, to take advantage of speed of Salah and Mané. Do not confuse with the kicking of Brazilian teams.

In the Brazilian Championship last year, with the exception of Flamengo, Santos and Athletico-PR and, at times, Grêmio, the teams repeated the vices and practices of the last decades, such as playing with the defenders glued to the big area, leaving huge spaces between sectors, especially when the midfield was advancing, abusing kicking and crossing to the area and so many other mediocrities.

A team that runs too fast and tries to reach the goal anyway is usually confused, flustered and inefficient.

A team that overpowers, swaps many passes to the side and reaches the goal often, usually loses and disenchants. You need to know the exact time to do things.

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